10 Hot Home Designs Preferred By Women

Home designers right now cater the interest of women and accommodate their personal opinions when it comes to home designs. This is not really surprising since women today are given priority to contribute major decisions in home buying according to some experts. The percentage of women home buyers right now are around 22% and continued to increase every year. Home designers as well as builders are also increasing and they try to redeem on women’s influence in the process of home buying.

Today, the main focus of the recently held home builder’s show was on the demand of home designs that mostly satisfy the needs of women home buyers. The following are the focus areas for designers and builders based on women’s preference in home designs;

•    When it comes to the master bath, women want several options. One thing that women love in the master bath is to have a large bathroom with separate shower and bath area. This can make a room for their bathroom furniture and they can pamper themselves. They want to have a sitting area where they can watch television and can listen to music.  Large windows are also applicable in large bathroom that could create a perfect bathroom setting.

•    Women want that the rear hallway must have many storage spaces to store their favorite stuff. They also want a separate laundry area.  With this reason, builders today provide more space and entry to the rear lobby than treating this place as a kind of mud room.

•    Since women love to cook, they want the kitchen look more entertaining than just a usual cooking area.  They love to cook while watching their favorite drama television series and listening to their favorite music. That is why, home builders and interior designers design beautiful kitchen for these amazing women of today!

•    Those women who have combined families want their homes to have 2 bathrooms instead of one.

•    Women love that their homes are easy to arrange and organize. They choose a closet organizer that has a capacity of double storage as compared to ordinary ones.

•    These people want their kitchen to have bigger storage space. They also want bigger pantries in the kitchen to store their cooked foods.

•    They want home design that natural light enters their home. They want that the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas in the home have windows so that natural light can enter.

•    Women love home exteriors that usually need little or no maintenance like no-maintenance decking.

•    They also want the design of their homes need to be changed anytime. That is why; they prefer flexible features.

•    Those working women want that their home has a working office because they love to bring their office works at home.

Home builders right now, see to it that these characteristics of home designs that women love must be applied. Since due to the fact that, the number of women home buyers are terribly increasing. Additionally, most husbands right now, respect the decision of their wives when it comes to their preferred home designs.

Aside from the above home designs that most women love, they have their own choice of colors in their homes.  Color can add to the aesthetic appearance of the home. However, women also respect any colors suited to the personality of the people around the home. For instance, if they have a 5 year old son, women love the light blue color painted on the wall of their son’s bedroom. In case, you have an unappealing hallway; ask women what is the best color to apply and read below to find some ideas.

Women love the orange peel color when it comes to their hallway. They don’t want that the hallway looks lonely. By painting the walls with orange peel color, can transform that lonely hallway into a bright and happy appearance.

As you can see right now, most home designs are from the ideas of women home buyers.  And we cannot deny the fact that women are very active when it comes to home designs.

Women are not only thrown on the kitchen for cooking but they give huge contribution to the latest home designs.

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