10 Quick and Cheap Halloween Decoration Ideas You Can Try At Home

Halloween is fast approaching. Why not make your home spooky and chic with inexpensive Halloween decorations? Yes, you can decorate your home inexpensively without looking so cheap. Get some ideas below;

  •  Ghostly Lanterns

Get empty clean gallons of milk and draw spooky faces on it.  Fill the empty gallons with white lights.  Once done, you can use them to light your walkway or porch in a cheerful and cheap ghostly Halloween lanterns.

  • Prepare a Yummy Wicked Witch Candy

Find an old pair of stiletto and turn into bewitching spooky candy bowl.  Buy a sparkly paper and use this to wrap the old heels.  Then fill with delicious Halloween treats.

  • Create Hanging Ghosts and Bats

Get some egg cartoons and turn them into bat decorations.   To do this, simply just cut the cartoon, paint, and make googly eyes.  To make inexpensive Halloween ghosts, get leaves and paint them in white.  After painting, get a marker and draw a spooky face.

  • Create Cheap Jack –O-Lantern

To create inexpensive jack-o-lantern decorations this Halloween get empty jars and cover with orange colored construction paper or perhaps tissue papers.   Add features using black colored construction paper.   Put battery operated bulbs and watch them glow in the dark.

  • Crafty Spider Cobwebs

Create cheap and chic Halloween cobwebs to decorate the whole house.  You can use yarn to create a web. After creating cobwebs, decorate the light fixtures, curtains, or perhaps hang them in railings.  To make the cobwebs realistic, attach a small plastic spider in each web.

  • Make a Garland from Candy Corn

Garlands made from candy corn can be an inexpensive Halloween decoration that you can think of this holiday.   Paint the chips in orange and yellow color to make them appear sweet.   One thing you must do is to transform the paint cards to small jack-o-lanterns.

  • Create a Boo-tiful Wreath

This Halloween, you can celebrate the holiday by decorating your home with a creative ghostly wreath in cheap white colored felt ghosts and black bows.  The wreath then can be sprayed with black, gray, or natural color.  To make sweeter decorations, buy lollipops at the nearest store and wrap them in tissues to create ghostly treats this Halloween.

  • Make Candy Corn Flower Vases

You can celebrate Halloween at home by decorating the table, window sill, and mantel with candy corn flower vases.  Just find empty plastic bottles and spray with yellow, orange, and white paint.

  • Add Halloween embellishments

Halloween embellishments like bulbs can truly decorate your home and yard during this holiday. You can also get small balls and wrap them in white paper and draw some designs like pumpkins, or perhaps ghosts.

  • Make a Creepy Candles

Light your home this Halloween with creepy candles.  Get glasses and wrap them in white paper. Secure the wrapper by taping them. Place candles inside each glass and lit them. These candles can add a flickering eek-factor this Halloween.

These cheap Halloween ideas can glow your home and can give a spooky atmosphere through the whole season.

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