10 Quick House Sale Advice

House Sale Advice – In an immediate house sale, the provider suggests to purchase the property immediately or perhaps find a 3rd party buyer.  


House Sale Advice

House Sale Advice – In response, the seller often acknowledges a low market value price for their home.  Before choosing such sale, think carefully and wisely. Follow the quick house sale advice below to make sure this is the correct option.

1.    Seek advice on how to manage money In case you’re thinking of selling your home because you can’t afford anymore to stay seek for advice.  Most problems include finances.  Hopefully, there are many ways how to increase your income like lowering your expenses,  prioritizing or manage your debts.  These are ways to avoid selling your home.

2.    Maintain mortgage interest If you get a certain income related to benefits, you can receive help from the government towards payment of interest on the mortgage.  This assistance is called Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI).

What will you get from SMI? If you are qualified for SMI, you will get  assistance to pay the mortgage  interest up to £200,000.   In case you want to move to the pension Credit in twelve weeks and stop other benefits, you can still get the same amount.

How to pay SMI? It is paid directly to your lender after 13 weeks  waiting period after you have already claimed the benefits.  If you get the pension credit, the  waiting period is not applicable.  The average interest rate to calculate SMI is 3.63%.

What is excluded to SMI? •    SMI cannot pay the exact amount you have borrowed but it pays the interest. •    Cannot pay anything in your insurance policies. •    Cannot pay missed mortgage.

3.    Negotiate with the lender If you think selling is the solution because you find it difficult to pay the mortgage, speak with the lender. The lender will provide assistance and will give you options that could help you in your situation. Sometimes the lender will extend the mortgage life and permit the arrears to pay back via installments. The lenders can also help delay the proceedings of repossession.

4.    Assist voluntary sales This assistance will probably help you to solve financial difficulties. You need also to arrange this with your lender. However, when the financial status does not improve, it is time to sell your property or perhaps face repossession. Most lenders provide help financially especially those distressed homeowners who want to sell their home.  They pay the seller’s costs such as estate agency fees and other legal fees. Lenders also allow homeowners a time to sell their property, and reduce the payments of mortgage. However, check the lenders if they offer help regarding mortgage interests that continue to accumulate.

5.    Mortgage rescue scheme Another alternative for you in case you are disgusted in your lender is the Mortgage Rescue Scheme. The scheme is only available in Wales, Scotland, and England. You are only eligible if you can’t afford the mortgage and legally entitled to the assistance for the homeless if your property is repossessed.  The application will be considered by the local authority. The authority will then arrange you to the independent money adviser to outline the financial statement to assess you. 2 types of mortgage rescue •    Mortgage to rent The process of selling a home to the housing association for a market value of 90% and you will stay as a tenant, pay rent at a very affordable price. •    Equity loan The housing association will give you loan at the lowest rate to lessen your mortgage payments and other secured loans. 6.    Local authority support The local authority can give general housing alternative advice to those homeowners at the dangers of repossession.

7.    Sale and rentback scheme In sale and rentback scheme, your house is sold to a business at a discounted price and you will as well remain as a tenant.  The rules of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will give you tenancies minimum of 5-year as long as you abide the terms and conditions of your rental contract. After the 5-year tenancies, you have no more guarantees.

8.    Court or voluntary repossession In voluntary repossession you need to agree to turn over your property to the lender. The court repossession means that the lender will request the court that the property will be handed to them. Meaning, you will totally lose the home and you are responsible for the debt. 9.    Selling on the open market Home sellers must think sincerely if they can get a good deal when selling with the use of a traditional real estate agent. If they want fast sale, they must tell the agent to reduce the asking price to have a chance to get a buyer. If you are the seller, you have to pay a certain commission to the agent. It is better to shop around for agents that accept lower commission.

10.    Auction selling Selling at an auction is considered as the oldest means of selling homes. The property auctioneers hold the regular auctions when it comes to residential properties. The binding contract is figured when you accept the bid.  The auction sale is usually completed in 1 to 2 months.  In case you are interested at the auction sale, visit and inquire at the local property auctioneers near your place. In case you want to sell your house fast, consider the tips advice above.

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