12 Steps on Moving to Your First Home

moving into your first home – Now, you have found a place to live and this is your first home. It is exciting and wonderful to move in. But sometimes, it can be stressful to think how to pack and to carry all the things you need. To make things easier for you, here are the tips to follow;


moving to your first home

Tip #1- Get an overnight bag Pack all the important things that you need in an overnight bag. This is very important to pack first.  When moving to your first home, there are lots of things needed to pack.  The tendency is, you might misplace those important things needed. This is also one way to easily see things when you need them immediately. What are the components of an overnight bag?

  •  cell phones
  • cash
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • clean set of clothing
  • shampoo
  • soap
  • deodorant
  • snack food

Tip #2 – Pack important items which you need first in a transparent plastic bin The things needed to place in the transparent bin must include paper towels, box cutter, eating utensils, selected cookware, toilet paper, power strips, tools, and more. Placing important things in the clear and transparent plastic bin allows you to see things that are important to use.

Tip #3 – Wrap breakable items in a piece of cloth or old newspapers to avoid breakage It is very important to wrap fragile items separately in a piece of cloth or perhaps newspaper. After wrapping the items like glasses, chinaware, and  glass bowls, place them inside a large box. You can also use clean socks to wrap these breakable items.  

Tip #4 – Label the box Label the box so that when you arrive to your first home, you can identify immediately the content and easy for you to arrange. In addition to your box labeling, add also what room are these things will go to. This is one way how to organized things. Once you arrive in your first home, unpack the things by ROOM to make the unpacking procedure manageable and easy. Please remember to put the label on the side of the box and not on the top. This is one way to see them immediately if the boxes are stacked.

Tip #5 – Visit your first home before moving in It is advisable to visit first your first home before deciding to move in. You need to clean the bathroom,  kitchen and all other parts of the house. Place a new bathroom shower curtain and stock new bathroom towels, toilet paper, and bathroom soap. This is to prepare for your hot shower after a long day of traveling and moving. It is nice to move in when the whole house is clean so that you just unpack all the things that you brought in. Once you arrive in your first home, you don’t need to clean the whole area anymore. Ask for some help when cleaning the whole house.

Tip #6 – Keep your drawer intact One way to keep your drawer intact is to cover them using press n’ seal or any sealing materials. Dresser drawers are similar to moving boxes and this will save you from refolding and unpacking of its content.

Tip #7 – Find some beer boxes Beer boxes are best for packing books. They are very easy to carry because of their handles on both sides. You can run to the nearby store and buy if there are available beer boxes.



Tip #8 – Take a photo Get your handy camera and take a shot of your electronic gadgets that are connected so that you have basis on how to connect them once you arrive in your first home.

Tip #9 – Donate unnecessary things Maybe not all things are needed in your first home. When there are outdated cabinets, which you think can still be used by some people, why not donate them? There are lots of people who need that things and they must be thankful if you could give them some.

Tip #10 – Make sure everything is packed Pack everything before your friends show up to help you with your moving. Don’t be silly enough and let your friends wait around until you finished all the packing.

Tip #11 – Number your boxes It is very necessary to put numbers in your boxes so that you know what is left behind and how many boxes you have to carry.

Tip #12 – Hire movers If there are many things to transfer and breakable items, it is necessary to hire movers for easy transport. Movers are insured and if breakable items are damaged, they can replace these items. Now, you have successfully moved into your first home. You can now take a hot shower to ease yourself from a long day travel. By applying the tips on moving to your new home, things won’t be complicated and manageable.


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