13 Steps to a Kitchen Zero-Waste Management

The agenda of climate change is prominent all over the world.  This comes  along with proper measures to lessen green house gas production.  Anyone can start by applying proper measures at home. To acquire a successful kitchen zero-waste management, you need to reuse, reduce, and recycle.  The following are the steps that could help you discover new methods to reduce waste in your kitchen:

1.  Regrow Vegetables

Regrowing vegetables are strange thing to do.  However, this can be achieved through proper technique. One example is regrowing Scallion.  You can use their white ends to regrow.  Here are the procedures to follow;

  • Prepare a small amount of water in a glass.
  • Place them under the sunlight to re-grow.
  • And snip their green ends for several days.

2.  Make Cheese out of Milk

If you have one gallon of delicious milk at home, do not wait for its expiration date to curdle. Instead, set a portion and make a creamy cottage cheese for the whole family.

3.  Reuse Coffee Grinds

Do not throw away coffee grinds. These can prevent insects at home especially ants.  They are effective in eliminating odors that can stimulate potted plants.

4.  Do Not Throw Orange Peels

If you love oranges, do not throw the peels.  They can give you benefits of preventing ants and mosquitoes to enter your home. Plus, orange peels can eliminate musty smells.

5.  Bake Bruised Fruit

You can bake overripe bananas into flavorful banana cupcake. They are perfect for a delicious great desert and children would love it. So, instead of throwing them, spend time to bake them.

6. Give Old Snacks a Little Bite

Don’t throw old chips.  These stale snacks can be put inside the microwave oven to bring back the crispness.  Simply put these snacks in a microwave-safe bowl.   Turn on the microwave in full power for ten seconds.

7.  Crisp up Your Pizza Crusts

If there are left over pizzas, you can crisp them again. However, do not use your microwave oven.  Instead, place the soggy pizza slices on the skillet on medium heat for four to five minutes.

8.  Cool Down with Sodas

Soda is not good to drink if they are not cold. However, you can make a delicious treat by pouring ice cubes. Wait for several minutes until they freeze and enjoy drinking.

9.  Reheat Yesterday's Loaf Bread

Do not throw old and dry loaf bread.  Chop the bread, saute with spices, and make them croutons for your soup or salads.

10.  Filter Vodka to Improve the Taste

To improve the quality taste of your vodka, filter it. Filtering won’t completely transform the taste of your vodka in the cabinet but this can improve the tastes.

11.  Do Not Throw Old Rice

Think first before throwing old rice in the cupboards.  Old rice can dries out electronic equipment.  Simply put the electronic device in a bowl full of dry grains for one day.  The rice will absorb the water from the device.

12.  Banish Bacteria from Sponge

If you think that your old sponge needs to be thrown in the garbage can, think twice. You can put the sponge inside the microwave oven for two minutes to kill ninety nine percent of germs.  After this, your old sponge, may look  as new again.

13.  Celery Care

Celery usually loses its crispness and suddenly starts to go soft. The tendency, most homeowners, throw this veggie away. However, you can save the celery from throwing out of the garbage.  Put the limp stalk in cold water with slices of potatoes. After several hours, the stalks of celery will give you crunchiness as what you have expected.

14.  Get Most Out of the Lemon

When cooking and you need small drops of lemon juice, do not slice and squeeze the lemon.  Instead, get a toothpick and punctured the rind. Gently squeeze small amount of lemon juice needed for the recipe.  Cover the lemon hole with a tape and place in the fridge.

By following these tips, you can save cash and reduce waste in your kitchen.

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