4 common types of mortgage loan calculators


mortgage loan calculators – types of mortgage loans Usually your house is the biggest purchase of your life and according to that the mortgage or the loan that you have to take to purchase it, is also going to be the largest you will ever borrow. Thus, you must calculate in advance how much you will exactly have to pay towards the mortgage.


mortgage loan calculators

mortgage loan calculators – The loan mortgage calculator helps you with this calculation. You can specify the details of your mortgage such as the interest rate and mortgage term, and the calculator calculates how much you have to pay every month and a lot of other information that will greatly help you.

As per what you need to find out, you can choose from various calculators – some of the home loans types are as follows :

1. Monthly payment calculator: This calculator helps you calculate how much you have to pay on a monthly basis. You get information about which loan you should opt for as you can find out in advance how much you have to pay every month if you opt for a particular loan.

2. Interest only mortgage calculator: In some cases the mortgage loan requires you to pay only the interest for a particular period of time. After that, the monthly installment that you pay goes towards paying for both your interest and the principal amount. This calculator calculates the standard monthly payments as well as the interest only payments. This helps you to get a fair idea of what you are to pay towards the interest and what you are to pay while paying for both principal and interest.

3. Adjustable rate mortgage calculator: This loan mortgage calculator starts with lower interest rates and thus lowers monthly payments. However, you should keep in mind that the risk remains that the interest may increase in future.


4. Amortization schedule calculator (calculate loan): This calculator is used to calculate what amount, from the monthly payments you make, goes towards the principal and towards the interest. This calculator can be used to find out how much you need to pay to reduce your principal amount. With the help of the calculator you can accordingly increase your monthly payment amount. This helps you to pay off your debt faster as your loan term reduces.  This working under the assumption that you have a full understanding of the types of mortgages available.


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