4 Safest Home Pest Control Ideas

If you hear squeaks and buzzes, there is a possibility that creeping creatures are around your home. Don’t be a victim of these harmful little creatures like bed bugs, rodents, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, and a lot more. Find a solution to kill them.  One way to eliminate these annoying tiny creatures, is by using home pest control. However, before eradicating them, be sure that the pesticides that you are using won’t harm the people inside your house. By reading this article, you can learn how to eradicate these pests at home without harming your family.

Clean the house regularly

Lots of rodents and insects are attracted to water and food found in many homes. Start by making your home less attractive to these pests. After eating, wipe the table immediately with clean water and mild soap.  When you spilled a milk on the floor, wipe or vacuum the floor immediately. Empty the garbage basket everyday and clean it with soap and water. Once dry, return it back to its original place. Keep fruits inside the refrigerator. Do not place it on the table for too long because pests love fruits.

Be sure to wash the dishes after eating. Do not let the dishes stay in the sink for several hours. If you cannot wash them immediately, get the leftovers. Soak the plates, forks, and spoon inside the dish washing tub with soapy water.  Be sure that the beverage containers outside of the refrigerator are properly sealed. The bathroom and the kitchen should be kept dry. If there are leaky pipes, fixed it immediately or call a plumber to do the job. Do not let water accumulate in the area because this can attract pests.

If you have a dog at home, shampoo your dog every day and comb so that ticks won’t stay. After combing the hair of your favorite pet, vacuum the floor, rugs, and other upholstery where your pets usually stay.

Close the entryways

Close all the entryways so that pests cannot enter your home. You can install screen to the windows, front of cooling and heating vents so that they cannot enter.  Seal cracks on walls, crevices, cupboards, ducts, pipes, by using a silicone caulk. Keep away stacked firewood and other vegetation away from your home so that those climbing pests cannot enter.

Use chemical free strategies

Now that you keep all foods, sealed all entrances.  It is the right time to eradicate those pests that are still inside your home. However, do not use harmful pesticides to eradicate them. You can lay traps like fly traps, light traps, pheromone traps, and jar traps. A swatter is also effective to use.

Select lower risk insecticide

Just in case the problem persists, make use of less harmful insecticides. When using pesticides at home, don’t expose to the family members especially to the kids. Place the insecticide that you mixed in food for trapping in the hidden place where pests usually visit. The most common place where pests stay in your home is in the kitchen below the cabinet, back of the kitchen stove, and under the sink. This technique can lower the risks of your family's health. Examine every morning if there are pests scattered on the floor. Get rid of them and place them in a plastic bag.  Dispose the plastic bag properly in the community garbage area.

However, avoid frequent use of pesticides at home even though they are less risky to the health. Follow the written directions in the box of the pesticides when using. Be extra careful when applying the pesticides at home. Wear preventive gears like gloves and face mask as pesticides are very harmful. After applying, wash the mask and gloves with clean and soapy water. Rinse well and let it dry. You can use these gears again during your next application.

When there are leftover pesticides scattered on the floor, wipe the floor using a damp cloth and soapy water. The left over must be placed in a safe plastic bag and label it. This is one way to inform people that the content of the plastic bag is hazardous to health. Find an area where you can dispose the left over pesticides. Never bury at the back of your house because it can contaminate your water supply.

It is very easy to eradicate harmful pests with the use of home pest control. However, you should be careful when applying pesticide at home because it is  harmful to the body. With proper use of  pesticide, you can say goodbye to those annoying pests!

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