4 Steps to Create A Beautiful Butterfly Garden

Are you a butterfly lover? Why not spruce up your garden to make it more appealing for the butterflies? These creatures are interesting and beautiful. By planting different kinds of flowers in your yard, you can create a butterfly garden in less time. The garden could be a home for these beautiful butterflies if there are lots of assorted flowers. It’s nice to wake up every morning seeing butterflies visiting your garden right? So, get some tips below to create a beautiful butterfly garden in less time.


A serious research is needed when creating a butterfly garden. In this research, you will learn different butterflies in your area. Make a list of any kinds of butterflies that you want in your garden. Learn various flowers and plants in which they get their food and lay their eggs. Find plants that are common in your area so that you won’t find it hard to care. Once the butterflies find the plants in your garden, they will visit every day to lay eggs and feed themselves.

Learn about plants and flowers

After  research, learn plants and flowers that you need to plant in your butterfly garden. Determine the appearance of the plants, height, and how they could flourish. Browse the internet and print some flowers that you like. This can give you a good idea on how your garden will look like when you plant these lovely flowers.

Check the local greenhouse

To get the variety of flowers for your garden, check the local greenhouse. You can find various beautiful plants suitable for your butterfly garden. Identify which are perennials and annuals. The annual plants must be planted in the front of your garden. Be sure to plant them away from the fence since you need to change them every year. However, perennial plants tend to come back every year. For this reason,  these plants should be planted at the back of the garden. They bloom lovely flowers when left alone and they grow and thrive beautifully without proper care.

Perennial plants need not to be pruned. They will not produce many flowers once you prune them very often. Let them grow alone and flourish in their own natural way. Butterflies would surely love to visit them since these plants don’t need so much care and attention. In fact, butterflies prefer perennial plants to lay their eggs.

Add garden accessories

The most beautiful garden accessories that can help prevent birds from visiting your butterfly flower garden is the butterfly house. The butterfly house has many sizes to choose from. This decoration also helps butterflies protect from bad weather and wind. Add another additional source of nectar so that other kinds of butterflies will also visit your garden and can prolong their stay.

Now, you have successfully created a beautiful butterfly garden in your new home. When the plants start producing flowers, in less time, you'll be surprised that you are welcomed by many butterflies when you visit your garden.

Have fun and enjoy watching your butterfly garden. This can relieve your stress from a hard day's work!

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