5 DIY Raised Bed Garden Ideas

Congratulations for being a homeowner! Why not celebrate this by growing vegetables at your new home using DIY raised bed garden ideas? In fact, growing vegetables organically is fun and can give good health to the family.

Before making a raised bed garden, prepare the following materials;

  • 6 feet long 4×4 lumber
  • 8 feet long 2×6 lumber
  • wood screws
  • 1 inch PVC, ½ inch PVC
  • 4×10 foot roll
  • 1 inch galvanized tubes
  • 32 Cu feet compost soil

All these materials can be bought in the nearby lumberyard stores. Once the materials are completed, follow the steps below;

Step 1 – Cut the materials

Cut the 4×4 into a 16 inch tall for the post using power saw. Then get the 2×6 lumber and cut in half. The one inch PVC pipe must cut also into 4 pieces about 12 inches long and the ½ inch PVC into 6 feet long. The pieces must be assembled on a flat surface.

Step 2 – Assemble the materials

The raised bed must be built upside down. You can start assembling them by setting a 4 foot 2×6 on the pavement’s thin edge. Place the post at one end. You need to secure the post using screw nails. Repeat the procedure at the other end of the board. Then repeat again using the other shorter board. The short size must be joined along with 8 foot board. Secure again with 2 screws and add the other side. After that, add again the second layer of the 2×6 lumber.

Step 3 – Positioning

The bed frame must be flipped side up and ask a friend to help you. Move and positioned it to the yard.  Mark it by using a trowel at the corner of the post’s location. Dig the ground for at least 6 inches deep for the post. Place the bed back to its proper place with posts in the holes. Fill the holes with soil to strengthen.

Step 4 – Lining installation

Rake the soil at the bed’s bottom to flatten and then tamp the soil to smoothen. The bed must be lined with hardware cloth to prevent moles and gophers to harm the plants. Make sure the hardware cloth is fitted to the posts on each corner. If the hardware cloth is not fitted, trim it using a utility scissor.

Step 5 – Attached the pipe

Attach 12-inch of four pieces 1-inch PVC pipe in the bed. On the other long side, space the pipes at least 4 feet apart from each end. Then screw the 2 tube straps in order to fasten each pipe. After that, fill the bed raised with compost soil and smoothen. Moisten with a little water.

Step 5 – Plant vegetables and insert hoops

Once the bed raised garden is perfectly done, plant your preferred vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, cauliflower, and many more. Insert the hoops inside the bed to cover the newly planted veggies to protect them from harmful insects. Drape the bird netting to cover completely.

Now, you have already a bed raised vegetable garden in your yard. Aside from vegetables, you can also plant full bloom flowers in your bed raised garden.  You can place this in front of your home to attract people.  The DIY ideas really help people using their little creativity and no need to spend much money out of your pocket.

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