6 Decorating Ideas to Make Your Room Romantic with Roses Wallpapers

decorating ideas – Is the look of your room uninviting? Why not make a little twist to make it more romantic? There is a solution on how to transform your room into a more romantic place and inviting to the eyes. Using roses wallpapers can do all the tricks to make your room inviting and more romantic as ever.


decorating ideas

decorating ideas – Even though you have a small budget when it comes to decorating your room, you can successfully transform that simple and ordinary space into a lovable room using rich color wallpapers with a touch of soft fabrics. The space must be infused with gold accessories and rose-inspired details. Follow the decorating ideas below to make your room romantic and inviting as ever.

1. Prepare all the things needed to decorate your room like rose-patterned wallpaper, rose-patterned fabric, glass container, and rose candles.  Clean the walls in the room and cover with a rose wallpaper of your favorite color. You can choose pink or perhaps red roses wallpapers depending on your preference. To have a subtle covering on the walls, you can paint the upper portion using rose-colored paint.  At the bottom half portion of the walls, decorate with rose-patterned wallpapers.

2. Prepare a candle arrangement. The best choice is to adorn your bedroom with accented rose-themed floating candle arrangement. Look for a rose-shaped candle in red, white, and black color in the nearby home decorating store. To make a more romantic and inviting appearance, add fresh roses flowers or perhaps petals to the arrangement. This arrangement can look lovely in some other places of your home like in the dining room, receiving room, and even in the kitchen. The good thing is that the theme does not only apply to the bedroom and living room but also to some places of your home.

3. For your window and upholstered furniture, use patterned fabric like rose-patterned toile fabric. Toile fabric must be featured in black and white prints to make it possible for you to create a black rose design instead of white or perhaps red.



4. Artworks like still life roses can be a beautiful centerpiece on your rose-themed walls. Paintings must not be too expensive. You can shop for paintings in a discounted rate during store sales or you can purchase them at any surplus home decor stores.

5. Lighting can also add a romantic atmosphere in your room. Buy light bulbs from home design stores near your place. Light bulbs come in many various designs and type of watts. You can choose summer orange bulb color for your room to illuminate the whole area.

6. On side chairs and couch, throw some pillows on rose patterned designs. By mixing various colors of rose pattern pillows, these can create an interesting appearance in the whole room. Toile fabrics make a good impression. Surrounding your room with a variety of textiles makes an inviting place to relax as you smell the fragrance of rose scented candles and fresh flowers. Decorating your room with roses wallpapers can indulge all your senses and can transform your boring and uninviting room into a romantic place to stay.


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