6 Easy Tricks to Repair Andersen Window Screens

Andersen windows in most homes are very important. They come in various sizes and styles. This company is considered as the leading window manufacturers and has lots of series that can fit to any needs of the homeowners. The most popular right now when it comes to home windows is the installation of Andersen window screens. Window screens can help homeowners to open their window any time of the day without afraid of mosquitoes and other harmful insects to enter the home. Harmful insects can cause various kinds of diseases and carry germs that could harm kids and older people.

A torn and damage Andersen window screens need to be replaced immediately because they do not function efficiently. With the proper tools, you can successfully complete the screen replacement in less time without having troubles because the procedure is very simple.

Remove the Damage Screen

If you have noticed a damaged window screen in any rooms in your house, remove it immediately. Get a screwdriver and use this to loosen the clips of the retainer. The screen has 3 tabs found on the side and bottom of the window. You need to carefully pull the tabs towards the opposite direction in order to compress the spring metals that fasten the screen in the track.  To remove, you need to pull the screen.

Lay the Screen

The screen must be laid down on the flat surface. Find a flat screwdriver since this is the ideal tool to pry the rubber spline to remove the track on the side of the screen. Once it is done, you can now pull it slowly.

Remove Old Screen Materials

The old screen materials must be removed to lay the brand new screen on the frame. The brand new materials should be cut an inch overhang on both sides of the screen. Make sure that the frame is square.

Lay the Rubber Spline

The rubber spline must be laid over the frame of the window. You can reuse the original spline if it is not damaged. However, if the original spline was damaged, you need to purchase a new one. Spline can be found at any home centers. Lay the new spline at the lower part of the frame then next to the side and above of the frame going down to the opposite side as well as to the bottom.

Apply Pressure on Spline

Apply a force or pressure to the spline using roller spline at the upper portion of the screen. You need to push the spline to the frame of the screen. The roller is used when pushing the spline on both sides of the window frame. A few inches must be pushed to the other side going towards the bottom. This technique can stretch the screen across to the frame. To complete the whole installation, the spline must be inserted to the roller at the frame’s bottom.

Cutting of the Excess Screen

If there is an excess screen, cut it immediately with the use of a working scissor or perhaps utility knife. Be careful when cutting to avoid the damage. Now, reinstall the new screen.

Installing the brand new Andersen window screens for your home windows can be very simple when proper instructions are followed.

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