6 Practical Tips to Get Your Property Sold Fast This Year

This year, it is not simple to sell your property for a good price. However, handling the services of estate agents and care of home buyers can speed up the whole process. Some experts often have wrong forecasts regarding the rising and falling of property prices. Yet, there are lots of practical tips to get your property sold and  you can utilize these to secure a fast sale at a very good price ever. Here’s how:

1. Select a Real Estate Agent

Go out and find the real estate agent and get several quotes of the property.  However, some of these agents won’t tell you the charges until they did not see the property and most are negotiable. Expect also to pay for their services between one percent and three percent but you can request for the best price from them.

There are sellers that give incentives to their agents. Mostly, they offer high commission just to sell the property within 8 weeks and lessen the fee as time passes by. If you will apply that idea, or perhaps negotiate the span of time of the contract, this will push them to efficiently work fast in order to get a sale. They will provide you also an early access in case they don’t get individuals through their reach.

Remember; do not be influenced by a high appraisal especial if this is higher than your expectation. Select an agent who responds fast, shows up on exact times, polite to all the questions, make sales in the area and check the property portals online.  Make use of the internet to view top quality marketing photos and demand the agent to produce something good on your behalf.

2. Get the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) done

Before marketing the property, get first an Energy performance Certificate (EPC). This will help you show potential buyers that the home is energy efficient and creates recommendations for renovations. The estate agent you choose will offer this arrangement. However, if you’re selling privately or perhaps want to deal it yourself, find an assessor on the internet.  You need to pay for the fee of the assessor around £60 and above.

3. Pimp the property

A good advice – do not trust the selling of the property in your chosen estate agent. Play your role in the selling process to make it attractive to potential buyers. Real estate agents suggest the sellers to:

•    Maintain an external appearance. Before selling the home, do some repairs that can attract home buyers.

•    The interior decoration must be in proper order. Most buyers expect that they can move freely when visiting your home and have decorating ideas of what they want.

•    Give emphasis to natural light. This is an important hidden factor that can break the perception of the buyer.

•    Prove that the property is in the best location. The estate agent, is familiar with this but check if it is near the school, and measure the distance of your home to the nearest public vehicle station, shopping malls and town center.

•    Make the parking area potential by clearing the junk.  Make sure also that the lawn is grassed.

•    Display the gadgets you have. These can attract home buyer’s interest.

4. Deal with the negative features

In case there are several things that could put off the interest of people to your property, address them immediately before they see it. Be sure to get rid of cigarette smoke, pet smells, or emerging aromas from the bedrooms of the teens. The dark rooms must be painted in light colors and leave the windows open to let the natural light comes in.

5. Accept an offer

It’s impossible to speak how much acceptance you need for the property since this relies on your next step as you move. Some experts say that buyers pay between 92%-95% asking price. However, this does not mean your expectation should be similar to that.

After you have received the offer that you think you are happy with, instruct the solicitor to be ready with the paperwork.  You don’t need to bring the property to the market but if the buyer requested; you have to agree with it. The solicitor of the buyer sends you several questions regarding the property. The questions must be answered honestly. They’ll also give lists of fixtures as well as fittings to indicate you are determined to leave in case you vacate.

The solicitor will resolve the repayment of the mortgage and write a contract with the home buyer. Once the contracts are exchanged, you have to agree to the moving date. However, this will depend on your own plan.  On the moving day, clear the property and leave the things that are agreed to be sold to the buyer. If the sale has already gone, the fund will be transferred by the solicitor to the mortgage lender to pay the property loan and transfer extra cash to you.

6. Inform everyone that you have moved

Once you leave the property, redirect the post to your new home address. This is to inform everyone that you have transferred. The royal mails provide you a redirection service with a cost.

Selling the property this year can be done faster if you digest all the information written above.

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