7 Interesting Pantry Ideas

Organizing the pantry is simpler that you imagine. An organized pantry looks great and can save you some cash. The inventory is easier when the stocks are well organized. This can lessen the amount of time spent at the store because you have already the idea about all your needs. To help you beat the cluttered pantry, consider some several cheap pantry ideas to get organized.

1.    Use a mop holder to stock spices

Lots of pantry ideas are available on the internet if you want to organize it. One of the most space saving ideas is to use inexpensive mop holder to organize and store spices to see them all at once. The idea solves the problems of picking up all bottles to view the content because the spices are stocked behind the other on the shelf. This spends a lot of time and very annoying. To attach the mop holder inside the pantry door, use stickers that hold enough several spice bottles.

2.    Use sink caddy to stock small containers

The idea is similar to mop holder but it uses sink caddy. This is one way to get free of clutter in the pantry.  This is an attractive tool that helps keep the sponges organized. The compartments are movable to fit any size you need.

3.    Use baskets to stock wrapped items

If you have items that are individually wrapped, get a small and transparent basket to organize foods. With this, you can keep the foods in one area to find it easy. This can also add enough space to the pantry since all snack boxes are eliminated. It does not make sense to store boxes of snacks in the pantry if only one item is left.

4.    Use transparent  containers to stock up dry goods

Foods like rice, cereals and pasta are best for tall, transparent, and airtight containers for easy staring and replacement of content when it is needed.

5.    Use a shoe organizer for small items that are frequently used

In case you cannot find sink caddies or mop holders to organize packets and spices, a clear shoe organizer is best as the second choice. This can give you twenty four clear pockets to store small products often use like salt, baking powder, and other ingredients for cooking.

6.    Use cabinet roll out drawers for canned products.

A cabinet roll out drawer must be standardized for each pantry. Without the use of roll out drawers, often foods put behind the other which you cannot see it. When it happens, some foods tend to be forgotten until it becomes spoiled. This can cause a waste of money. It can also minimize expired foods in the pantry. So, installing roll out cabinets can help you see all the items upon pulling out the drawer.

7.    Use stackable trays for onions, garlic, and potatoes

If you don’t know what to do with bags of onions, garlic, and potatoes, simply use stackable tray to store them. Put them on the floor of the pantry to save some space. Another cheaper idea to store them is to use paper bags. However, they are not considered stackable.

With the help of these ideas, organizing the pantry is made simpler.

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