7 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

 Add Value to Your Home

Add Value to Your Home:Whether you’re looking to sell the home that you occupy now, or plan to stay in it for years to come, there are certain improvement projects that you can undertake to add value to your home.

Add Value to Your Home:With the housing market still a bit on the soft side, a few well-chosen changes can make your house stand out from the pack and attract buyers. Or, if you don’t plan to sell, you can enjoy the upgrades yourself, and congratulate yourself on a smart decision.

There are some changes that will make your house more valuable, and some that will definitely decrease the value, so make sure you understand all of the options before you make your improvements. Also, checking out the local competition, in terms of other houses that have sold recently or are up for sale, can tell you which improvements are bringing the most value in your neighborhood. Find out house values in your area at Zoopla.  

Adding Space Generally, whenever you add square footage, you will increase the value of the house. A new room, such as an extra bedroom or a home office, will be one of the most profitable changes that you can make. An extra bedroom will be extra-popular, especially if your house is small or has fewer than four bedrooms. In a house that already has plenty of bedrooms, a home office is a very convenient and welcome option. Consult your local planning authority to ensure that you have all necessary permits, and consider hiring an architect if your changes are complex or if you are not confident that you know exactly what you are doing. Hiring a professional may seem expensive, but it can definitely save money in the long run if it prevents major mistakes from being made.  

Upgrade your Kitchen By far the most profitable improvement that you can make is to upgrade your kitchen. If you only have money for one room, this is the one it should be. Buyers are demanding the most up-to-date in appliances and fittings, and you can’t simply slap a cheap coat of paint on the cupboards and expect that to be enough. Instead, take the time and effort to paint the walls, replace the linoleum (tile and wood are quite popular these days) and countertop (granite), and update the handles on your cabinets and drawers, if you can’t afford to remodel the entire room.  

Landscaping They say that first impressions mean everything, and nothing says more than the outside of your house when a potential buyer pulls up. Get your lawn in great shape, trim the shrubbery, and put in some colourful flowers. Water features, such as a fountain or a pond, may be soothing to the senses, but they generally don’t add any value, so only install something like this if you want to enjoy it while you’re living there.  

Whole-House Updates If you live in an older home, there may be some necessary updates to be made before your house will attract potential buyers. Central heating and air conditioning units should be replaced if they are not fairly new. Exterior paint or siding and a new roof may also be required. Plus windows are a key selling feature: older windows that are not energy efficient may be a deal-killer for some buyers. For peace of mind, use a FENSA registered business for your double glazing installations.

Adding or Renovating a Bathroom If you don’t have enough bathrooms, adding on an extra bedroom makes little sense. Better to add a bathroom, which will generally require professional help. If you can steal space from a closet or crawl space, so much the better. One very popular improvement involves creating a master bedroom suite by adding a bathroom and a well-organised closet; your potential buyers will be more likely to consider your home if it has such a master suite.  

Add a Sunroom or Deck A bright, open place where the family can gather, away from prying eyes, is a popular improvement. On the back of the house, far from the street noise and any crowds, you will have your own little peaceful oasis. If set into a gorgeous garden area, this can make your house seem like it has its own little private park. Be sure not to cut too deeply into garden space, however. A large garden is an attractive feature, especially where houses are built close together. Don’t sacrifice the beauty of outside space for an oversized deck or patio.  

Finally One improvement that you can make without actually changing anything about the house is to secure a home warranty that covers the systems (heating, air conditioning, plumbing) and appliances. A buyer can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong, he will not have to pay out thousands of pounds in repair costs. Be sure to also update your home insurance when you make any large changes to your home – you can compare policies here.


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