8 Energy Conservation Tips At Home

Want to conserve energy at home?  Here are several energy conservation tips that could help you cut your energy bill.

1.  Heat frozen food in the oven toaster

It is easy to ignore oven toasters when it comes to home appliances.  If you have a microwave oven at home, oven toaster may seem outdated.  However, this is the best energy saver that you can use.  It can do a lot more rather than toasting.  Heating food in the oven toaster can save at least 50 percent of energy rather than using your full-size oven.

2.  Choose white window coverings during warm weather

During the summer season, choose white window coverings so that the reflection of the sun will not enter your home.  Aside from repelling the heat, they give insulation during cold season.  Using window coverings can;

•  Lower your energy bill

•  Lessen energy consumption

•  Provide comfort in the indoor temperature

Untreated windows can provide twenty times more heat to enter your home.  Controlling the energy of the sun to enter the home, can save lots of pounds.  You can also get the benefit of free heating during winter.

3.  Use sealed containers to store refrigerated beverages and food

If you use open containers when storing frozen beverages and food, they can easily release moisture and can overburden the compressor of your refrigerator. So, use sealed containers that can preserved the coldness of the food.

4.  Opt for energy-star compliant computer

An energy-star computer uses 70% less energy compared to other non-designated model like integrated desktop, laptop computer, small-scale servers, and workstations. If every home office in the United Kingdom uses energy-star computers they can;

•  save thousands of pounds in yearly energy costs

•  save millions of kilowatts of electricity

5.  Keep away television and lamp from the thermostat

Placing television and lamp away from the thermostat can give off heat and does not cause long usage of the air-condition system.

6.  Do not believe in the myth of screen-saver

Computer screen saver does not cut down energy consumption.  So, do not believe in myth that these screen savers can help.  For an eco-friendly operation, turn off your monitor and enable the auto-sleep mode.

7.  Unplug electrical devices when not in use

If you unplug mobile phone chargers and mp3 players after using, you can save enough energy every year and can power thousands of homes. Turning off your cellular phones before going to bed means less use of energy.

8.  Insulate the hot water tank

Buy a jacket for the water tank.  The cost of the jacket is around £10–£15 but this can pay off in several months.  Choose  a tank jacket with 75mm thick and save for £30 every year.  If all households in the UK could fit sufficient tank jacket, a lot of energy can be saved.  You can as well fit insulation for your hot water pipes.

If you want to cut half on your electricity bills at home, follow the above energy conservation tips.

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