8 Simple Steps to Sell Your House Fast

sell your house fast – Do you know the secret of selling a house in this current market? In fact, lots of people  sold their house fast this year without worries. According to Barbara Corcoran, the real estate expert reveals that the only thing to get house quickly sell is the price. Even though you spend all your money in fixing up your house, but with the wrong price, this could not guarantee a sale. Follow the simple guide on how to sell your house fast this year.


sell your house fast



  • Shop for homes online

Before setting the price of your home, it is smart to start shopping homes online similar to your house. For example, if your home has 3-bedrooms, one kitchen, no backyard, and without a garage, then you should look for homes with that similar features and appearance. Do not look for homes that do not have the same features with yours. Because the sellers will have the tendency to overprice the house. It makes a big difference when your house has 2 baths and the one that you have seen has 3 baths.

  • Invite brokers

Invite at least 3 brokers to visit your house and make estimation on the pricing. Ask questions like what is the estimated price of my house if I want to sell it within thirty days? This is one way to get the reaction of the brokers so that they will be pressured to tell you about the latest pricing in the market. Even they are pressured about the price of the home in the current market but the broker who can give you the lowest price is your best choice.

  • Get list of home prices online

Take out the lists of the home prices you have searched online and get the 5 homes that are less expensive.  Get the average price of the home that the 3 brokers gave you. Now, give a price to your home for at least 10 up t0 15% lower compared to the number that you have got. If you think this is crazy, of course not! Don’t be afraid of lowering the price of your home because the force of the market corrects the under priced property. This is called the bidding war and the tendency, is to make you smile when it begins.

  • Visit the home exhibits in the neighborhood

Spend some weeks visiting the neighborhood for home exhibits. Home exhibits can give you information and education on what are to avoid and not to do in selling your home. Then, you will see that the best thing to do is to eliminate all the clutter. Homes with many things look smaller. De-cluttering of home can attract home buyers because if your home has many things, buyers could not picture out themselves living in that particular home. Pack all unnecessary things including old furniture.

  • Make home bright

Most people like homes that are bright and newly painted. Home buyers would gladly pay you if your house is clean and bright. After considering the location, buyers next choose homes that are bright and have lights. Get the wall decorations, wash the windows, and paint the walls with white color. Trim the bushes in the windows replace the old lampshades and replace the old bulbs.

  • Make your house spotless

To make floors clean, apply thin floor wax on the floor and scrub it. Make the whole house spotless! Eliminate house odors because home buyers love to smell the whole house. Just before the open house, the windows must be opened for at least 8 hours. Adorn your bathroom with new shower curtains, hang new towels, and change the cover of the toilet seat.



  • Don’t overlook your yard

Do not forget to clean the yard and the entryways. It is believed that buyers are convinced to buy a home by just staring at the front yard. So, you need to clean and paint the entryway. Make sure the doorbell is working properly.

  • Take photos of your house

Now, that you are ready to sell the house, contact a professional photographer to take beautiful photos of your house on a bright sunny day. Make sure the pictures are clear because a lot of home buyers online skip homes that do not have beautiful photos. Now, your guide in home selling is complete. The guide above helps me sell my house fast!


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