9 Natural Pest Removal Solutions at Home

Pest Removal Solutions at Home

Pest Removal Solutions at Home


Pest Removal Solutions at Home:Do you want to eliminate those harmful pests at home? Well, there are lots of natural pest removal solutions that you can apply at home.

Pest Removal Solutions at Home:With the use of herbal plants and soap laden solutions, those pests like mice, flies, ants, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and more cannot stay longer at your house. 

The following are natural solutions to eliminate them without breaking the budget and could not harm the whole family.

1. Basil Plants for house flies Did you know that flies hate the aromatic smell of a basil plant? In order to discourage those annoying flies to enter the home, place a pot of Basil plant at the doorways and in the windowsills. You can also place the plant at the top of the kitchen counter. One way also to scare them away is to use dried Basil leaves in a muslin pouch and rub it often so that the scent will surround the area.

2. Citrus Fruits for spiders Spiders don’t like the smell of citrus fruits.  Squeeze one lemon into a small bowl and mix with clean water. Pour the mixture into an empty spray bottle. Spray this mixture at the top of the counter tops, doorways, and windowsills. You can also visit your garden and spread some lemon peels all around the area. In less time, you will see that there are no more spiders entering your home.

3. Vinegar for ants When there are ants inside the house, make a solution of water and vinegar. Wipe the mixtures down the counter tops, tables, floors, and any other surfaces where there are signs of these little creatures. Repeat the process every other day so that they won’t stay longer at your home. Doing the process regularly, can destroy their trails where ants use to stay.

4. Owls for mice Barn owls are effective in eliminating mice at home. Let the owls attract you home by placing an owl box. Supply the food for the owls so that they will come back season after season. Owls love to eat mice. And when the mice sense that there are owls around, they won’t stay in your place.

5. Fake nest for wasps Wasps are territorial. They do not build their nest within twenty yards for each other. So, it is better to make your own fake nest. The fake nest will serve as a scarecrow for wasps. Hang one fake nest in the yard and the other one in your backyard and then you are completely done.

6. Fight Mosquitoes with catnip Cats love these plants but for mosquitoes, of course they hate the plants. According to studies, catnip ward offs mosquitoes and these plants are more effective than DEET! Grow catnip in your garden so that mosquitoes will stay away and cannot harm the whole family members. There are many illnesses that mosquitoes could bring to anyone. So, before these pests’ harms you, scare them away!

7. Salt to repel fleas By alternately vacuuming and salting your floors, you can eliminate and kill those flea eggs. However, be mindful that the reproduction cycle of these pests are three days only. You should apply salt daily for at least 9 days and vacuum the floor every 3 days. Empty the vacuum after vacuuming the floors.

8. Cinnamon oil for dust mites Cinnamon oil is proven effective to control and eliminate dust mites at home. Here is the simple formula to do. Mix some drops of cinnamon oil into clean water and to a denatured alcohol. Spray the solution to the bedding, carpets, and other places where dust collects. However, your house will smell like cookies but this can effectively eliminate dust mites.

9. Deadly recipe for fruit flies Fruit flies are annoying and mostly attract fruits that are over ripe. Why not get rid of them through simple deadly recipe like mixture of three quarters vinegar, 8 drops of dish washing liquid and warm water? This recipe is deadly to them. Suddenly, you will see that these pests are floating in the bowl where you put the recipe. By using all these natural home pest control solutions, your home will be pest free again and you will have a good night rest!

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