9 Ways To Save Energy At Home

Save Energy At Home – There are  9 ways to save energy as outlined below:

Save Energy At Home

Save Energy At Home – 1.  Minimise Your Electronic Consumption According to study, you can lower electricity consumption when you unplug the devices after turning it off.  So, unplugging your electric appliances at home can help.

2.  Use Energy Efficient Home Appliances When shopping for brand new appliances for your home, look first for an energy star label before buying it.  Energy labeled home appliances consume only less energy compared to other conventional counterparts.  However, they are costly when compared to home appliances which are not rated as energy star.

3.  Replace Your Bulbs with Energy Efficient Replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient ones are the inexpensive method that can reduce energy consumption at home.  This can save you money  when used over 6 months.   Energy efficient bulbs can lower the electric bills by 75 percent.  One thing about this kind of bulb is that it does not release mercury.

4.  Set Up a Programmable Thermostat Setting up of programmable thermostat at home can immediately adjust the temperature of your home according to your schedule.   If the home thermostat is not adjustable, use a programmable one to save you at least 15% when it comes to cooling and heating costs.

5.  Use Cooling Fans During the summer season, use ceiling fans to cool down every area of your home to save energy (e.g as compare to air conditioning).  By raising the thermostat, you can automatically reduce the cooling costs  by 7-10%.

6.  Seal All Air Leaks Aside from home insulation, look for small gaps and cracks which can cause air leakage inside and outside your home.  According to studies, sealing leaks and insulation can save at least ten percent  on the yearly energy consumption bill.  If you think you cannot perform the leak examination, employ an expert energy auditor to perform the job and identify problems.

7.  Make Windows Energy Efficient Even though all windows are closed, it is still helpful to have a window glass installed to have a heat barrier,  In case you cannot afford to have it, you can install storm windows at home.  Cover the windows to improve the insulation with transparent materials.

8.  Improve the Insulation According to studies, at least more than 50% of energy consumption at home goes to cooling and heating systems.  Setting up your attic insulation, floors, walls, and ceilings can slow down airflow between outside and inside of your home.

9. Conserve Water Consumption By conserving the consumption of water at home can lower water bills.  Using less  hot water, can save your gas or electricity bills.  To lower down the water consumption at home, have a faster shower and conserve water when washing the dishes, clothes and when cooking meals. Hopefully you have discovered a number of ways to save energy.


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