A Few Key Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-free

Kitchen Clutter-free

Kitchen Clutter-free: Keeping items orderly in the kitchen does not simply provide homeowners the opportunity to to make the most of their spaces but also encourage safety and security at all times.

Kitchen Clutter-free: There are many ways that can be done to keep mess at a minimum, if not eliminated. One of the biggest problems combating every day challenges in even the most best bespoke kitchens is that there is not enough space to maximize work in the area.

Surveys show that compared to the other areas in a home, the kitchen tends to become so untidy and disorganized especially if the homeowner does not know how to free or maximize some space in the area. Most homeowners may not be aware of this but they may be using spaces not really intended for its purpose or keeping things in disarray with lack of knowledge on how to put away things in their proper places. So, if you are one of the many homeowners who are troubled with the way their kitchen looks like, read on and learn how to keep your kitchen clutter-free. 1. Discard unused items Economy wise, most housewives tend to keep things in the kitchen hoping to find them valuable in the long run or in future use. However, this strategy eats up most spaces in the kitchen, keeping them un-utilized. The rule of thumb is that if a certain item remains useless for a month or so then it will not probably be useful in the next few months. 2. Spot the problem Take a closer look in your kitchen and spot the problem. Where does the mess build up? Is it in the sink, around the corner or inside the cabinet? Knowing where to start cleaning up and organizing things will make the activity easier for you. It is best to start on your kitchen countertop. If you have too many appliances here such as microwave, waffle maker, or bread toaster then it would be better if you keep those machines in the cabinet until you are ready to use them again. 3. Classify things Classifying things and putting similar items together will help you achieve an organized kitchen. Canned goods should be classified according to their use. This rule applies to kitchen utensils, appliances and everything there is in the kitchen. The point here is that when things are classified according to their use, their kind, or other features then it will be easier for you to find the item you need. 4. Maximize storage spaces Take full advantage of the storage spaces. If you need to create divisions in order to maximize the gap between things then do so. For example, in the vegetable area inside the refrigerator, to avoid mess and to see vegetable carefully lined within the drawer, it is best if you place divisions. Separate leafy veggies from the sturdy ones. In the cabinets, it is best if you keep the canned goods on one corner and soup packets and other packages on the other. 5. Use stacking containers For items that needs longer storage such as leftover noodles or pasta, flour or other powdered ingredients, chopped items like veggies or grated cheese, it is best to put them in stacking containers. This way, it will be easier for you to classify them and load them inside the cabinet or the refrigerator. It also projects a cleaner look. 6. Tuck away electrical lines For safety reasons as well as cleaner look, keep those electrical lines of appliances away from the sight. Customize your kitchen countertops in such a way that you can hide those cables. Getting things all tangled up will only cause trouble and even accidents. 7. Soften the area Kitchens can become too compact or may cause what commercial buildings call “sick building syndrome” if your kitchen planning does not include sufficient ventilation in the area. To soften the environment, you can place small plants on your kitchen countertop. Create bigger windows in the kitchen to allow as much natural light as possible. It is best to use fabric accents as well to reduce the rigid designs usually projected in a kitchen. High quality luxury kitchens are great, but #the idea of keeping things organized and well designed in the kitchen is not just a matter of artwork and hard work. It is, in fact, one way of showing how much you love your family by maintaining a place where you prepare your food for them safe and organized at all times.

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