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Arik Kislin


Arik Kislin: Arik Kislin is a real estate investor, developer and entrepreneur having achieved all this by his own efforts.

Arik Kislin: He is at the present moment the principal of Linx Industries, a diversified investment business organization with substantial shares in businesses extending from aviation to financial services.

In the 1990's Arik Kislin was involved in the development and management of much New York City real estate, including the 1.5 million square foot Chelsea Market complex. This project alone has turned the Manhattan Meatpacking District into one of the city's most desirable addresses.

The Chelsea Market complex was later sold to Angelo, Gordon & Co. Mr. Kislin invested in a financial services firm in 1998, during a distressed debt market. Today, the company manages assets in portfolios in excess of $2 billion. Through his partnership with the Achenbaum family in 2001 Arik Kislin developed the Gansevoort Hotel, and this was key to transforming the Meatpacking District into the hotspot of fashion, dining and nightlife that it became. Soon to come from Arik Kislin are two other Gansevoort properties in Miami and the Park Avenue South district of Manhattan, and he is looking to expand the Gansevoort brand into other areas of the U.S. and abroad. Both of the above mentioned developments will be of a hybrid hotel-condominium nature. Arik Kislin entered the general aviation industry in 2004 with an equity investment into a small full service charter management company. This aviation business has developed into a multifaceted firm consisting of a fleet of private jets, full service private aviation maintenance, fueling, and hangar facilities, as well as Fixed Base Operations (FBOs), which are terminals for private aviation clients that are currently being expanded in New York and South Florida. Arik Kislin is very active in his community. He has spent much time with the local Friars Club, enjoys baseball and participating in outdoor activities. He has a spouse and kids. Arik Kislin is a self-made real estate investor, developer and entrepreneur. Arik Kislin is currently principal of Linx industries, a diversified investment company with significant stakes in businesses ranging from aviation to financial services

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