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As one of the most well known producers of flooring in the business, Armstrong provides an amazing array of products to consumers everywhere. Armstrong is known as a quality manufacturer of linoleum, hardwood, tile, sheet, and laminate flooring. Employing over 12,000 workers, Armstrong has the biggest selection in the entire flooring business. With such a huge selection of products, Armstrong has what consumers need for almost any conceivable flooring need.

When it comes to hardwoods, Armstrong offers some of the best flooring in the world. The Bruce brand hardwoods are known for their broad selection of colors and styles, as well as high quality finishes. With the revolutionary Armstrong flooring “Lock & Fold” technology, the flooring can be installed in a simple and safe fashion without the need for any glue. This allows hardwood flooring to be installed on a “do it yourself” basis. This can potentially save consumers several thousand dollars in professional installation fees. Armstrong hardwoods can be found in almost any species, color, shade, or pattern.

Armstrong is also known as a producer of high quality laminate flooring.
Laminate flooring can act as a great substitute for hardwood in situations where hardwood may suffer from excess moisture or wear and tear. Laminate flooring is also printed with hi-def technology that produces realistic patterns, offering both resiliency and aesthetic appeal. This is a viable alternative to hardwood, offering an affordable means to really add elegance to a room. Armstrong laminate flooring comes equipped with their trademark G3 Wear Layer, protecting against stains and fading. The laminate flooring is produced with the Armstrong Hi-Definition Print Technology, giving their wood patterns a very realistic touch.

Tile is another extremely durable product offered by Armstrong. Where a great deal of foot traffic is experienced, tile can be a great alternative to wood flooring. Tile will not show scratching and abrasions as badly as a wood floor might. Tile is affordable and resistant to moisture damage, making it a very attractive choice in the kitchen or patio.

Armstrong flooring also offers a broad selection of vinyl flooring, all specifically engineered to meet a certain flooring design need, each with a unique pattern or shade. Armstrong vinyl products are tough, while also delivering an attractive aesthetic appeal. Vinyl requires next to no maintenance and is not subject to water damage. Furthermore, vinyl flooring can be found in almost any appearance, allowing decorators to tailor their flooring to exactly their needs. Armstrong flooring offers both durability and aesthetics for an affordable price.

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