Are You a Potential Landlord or Investor then consider The Portsmouth & District Landlord Show

The Portsmouth Landlord Show will be of interest to everyone who lets property or is thinking of doing so, whether house letting, letting to students or renting out a mansion.


The show has a range of exhibitors covering a wide range of services that every landlord will need, as well as free seminars with keynote speakers from around the UK answering questions from HHSRS to Inheritance Tax.


Portsmouth City Council Landlord Accreditation Scheme will be running a show within the show, open to all, with workshops on everything from finding the right tenant to fire safety in your property. In addition a number of other local area councils will be in attendance to answer questions if you have property in their district.


The show is organised by the Portsmouth and District Private Landlord Association (PDPLA) and many of their members will be available to share experiences from in and around the area.



Key Note Speakers

This year for those just starting out, Simon Zutshi who has been’s leading property writer for several years. For landlords currently operating their property empire, whether it be 1 small flat or a series of tower blocks, Tony Athill to talk about some of the implications of today’s regulatory environment and how best to work within it. For those at the other end of their property career, Stephen Fay talking about the tax implications and options when winding up a property portfolio.


You can meet a great number of landlords. Check out the Portsmouth and District Private Landlord Association (PDPLA) web site to see why this is so important. Not all landlords want to attend monthly meetings and for many finding the time is difficult. Hence the PDPLA are sponsoring this event to give non – members the opportunity to meet, learn and share with our membership, along with the many exhibitors and speakers who will be there on the day, enthusiasm a plenty, with ideas flowing.



Simon Zutshi

Simon has been successfully investing in property since 1995. He became financially independent at the age of 32 thanks to the passive income from his multi million pound portfolio. Simon now spends his time helping and educating other investors to achieve the same success as him.

Simon is an international professional speaker, regularly asked to share his 17 years of property investing experience at major wealth creation events organised by the biggest names in the business such as Anthony Robbins, Robert Allen and T Harv Eker His book “Property Magic” became an instant Amazon No 1 best seller when launched in 2008.


In 2003 Simon founded the property investors network which is now the largest property networking organisation in the UK, providing education, support and resources for investors, with monthly network meetings in 22 major cities around the UK.

In April 2007 Simon launched the original “Property Mastermind Programme” specifically designed to help people become professional investors with the objective of building a £1Million portfolio and gain a £50k income in just 12 months. This programme has created in excess of 90 property millionaires and continues to sell out every time due to the incredible results. Full details at



Stephen Fay

Stephen Fay ACA is a Chartered Accountant specialising in all aspects of property taxation, and has been a property investor since 1999. He therefore combines expert technical tax knowledge with real-life property investment experience to offer property investor clients a unique service.

Stephen self-manages his own large property portfolio, and regularly buys, sells and trades on his favourite properties: 2/3 bed family houses.

Stephen writes each month for the two main magazines aimed at property investors: “Your Property Network” and “Property Investor News”, and regularly speaks at Property Investor Shows and networking events.


Stephen trained with Arthur Andersen, one of the ‘Big 4’ international accountancy firms, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1999 (hence the ‘ACA’ qualification).

Stephen is the Principal of Fylde Tax Accountants – the “Recognised Supplier” to the National Landlords.



Tony Athill

Tony has been a landlord for 22 years. He represents Portsmouth and District Private Landlords Association members at the British Property Federation and at meetings with government departments.


Tony works both at local level and National level to ensure the landlords views and opinions are heard. He has campaigned ardently against legislation which impacts disproportionately on Landlords.



‘How To’ Seminars

• Apart from the Keynote Seminars detailed elsewhere, there will be two more streams of seminar available. Portsmouth City Council will be running workshops to help landlords become more professional and better at what they do and also, they will be covering various tenancy rights issues. In addition, we will have a seminar stream where a wide range of experts will tell attendees ‘How to…’ address or answer a specific issue in their area.



 14:15 – How to avoid the 7 fatal mistakes made by 80% of first time landlords

 14:30 – How to dispose of tenants rubbish and other things you should know about being a landlord in Portsmouth

 15:00 – How to rejuvenate your underperforming personal pensions

 15:15 – Getting the most from your Jewson account and ‘Learning Gateway’

 15:30 – What the future holds for landlords of student properties

 15:45

 16:00 – How I created £40K overnight by title splitting (true case study)

 16:15 – How to choose the RIGHT investment property for YOU

 16:30 – How to make bills simple for tenants, letting agents & landlords

 16:45 – The best buy-to-let mortgage products available in today’s market

 17:00

 17:15

 17:10 – Property & Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

 17:30

 17:35 – Mould & Condensation and insulating in Solid Wall Homes

 17:45

 18:00

 18:15 – How to build without the need for planning permission

 18:30 – How to create income from a personal pension for people aged 40-60

 18:45 – The Importance of Tenant Referencing

 19:00

 19:15

 19:30 – Raffle






Portsmouth City Council are hosting a series of seminars

 14:10 – HHSRS + Q & A

 15:10 – Top Tips to Becoming a Landlord

 16:10 – Noise: How to deal with this Anti-Social Behaviour

 17:10 – Housing Rights + Q & A

 18:10 – Surgery

 19:10 – Additional Licensing of Landlords & Properties in Portsmouth

14:15 – Recovering Possession And The Unwanted Occupier


Matthew Bailey is a partner at Churchers Solicitors and is joint head of the firm’s Civil Litigation Department practising from their Fareham office.

His talk will focus on:-


 The steps necessary to ensure that the tenancy is set up correctly so as to assist the landlord in recovering possession. Consideration will be given to such matters as the tenancy terms, obtaining references, deposits and guarantees.

 The steps that should be followed by a landlord when seeking to recover possession and the appropriate Notices to be served on the tenant.

 The common traps that can befall a landlord when seeking to recover possession and how to avoid them.

 The consequences for the landlord of getting things wrong.

 The new law relating to squatters.

 Maximising your leasehold investment.


His colleagues, Nick Eve and Ian Heal, will be making contributions to this informative and practical talk which will seek to address your particular concerns and enquiries and will be aimed at existing and “would be” landlords.

15:15 – How to build your property portfolio using other people’s money

This is a must hear session, especially relevant for landlords who wish to grow their portfolio.

Most people believe (incorrectly) that you need a lot of money to invest in property). The reality is that with the correct knowledge you can build a cash generating property portfolio with very little of your own money.

No matter how much money you have or don’t have, at some point you will run out of deposits so successful investors always use other people’s money to invest in property.

In this special seminar, experienced property investor, author and coach, Simon Zutshi, will share some of his 17 years of investing experience including how he has purchased a number of properties using none of his own money and how you can do the same.

In particular, you will learn:

 How to find deposit money if you don’t think you have any

 How to find Joint venture partners who can fund your investments

 How to use momentum investing to re cycle your deposit every 6 to 9 months to quickly build your portfolio

 How to gain cash flow and equity growth without the need for a mortgage or deposit


16:15 – New Regulations for Shared Housing

Steven Wylie Councilor for Housing at Portsmouth City Council will be introducing a representation by Portsmouth City council to explain the latest, new legistlation for Shared Housing.

We will have more details of PCCs presentation nearer to show day. This session will be essential listening for anyone with property in Portsmouth or possibly even more importantly anyone thinking of buying property in Portsmouth, will find this session essential listening.


17:15 – The Tax End Game


Whether you are just starting, or are approaching retirement – Stephen Fay will show you how thinking ahead will help you to get your initial property structure right, & help to ensure that you plan your long-term tax strategy.

Whilst most property investing activity is about building a property business – this seminar is about how to wind down a property portfolio tax-efficiently.


18:15 – Local Legislation for Landlords

If you missed the earlier sesion by Tony then this is a must. Tony Athill will be updating landlords on the legislation that effects Landlords both in and around the Portsmouth area.

Tony works at both local level, being a landlord himself, and at National level working hard to ensure the landlords views and opinions are

18:15 – Local Legislation for Landlords

If you missed the earlier sesion by Tony then this is a must. Tony Athill will be updating landlords on the legislation that effects Landlords both in and around the Portsmouth area.

Tony works at both local level, being a landlord himself, and at National level working hard to ensure the landlords views and opinions are


19:15 – How to make cash flow and equity growth from property you don’t own

This session is not about becoming a letting agent its far more exciting.

You don’t need to own property to make money from it! The use of purchase lease options is becoming more and more popular with investors due to their flexibility and the fact that you can control and profit from property without the need for a big deposit mortgage.

Although many investors have heard about purchase lease options few have actually used them. In this presentation we will explain exactly what they are, how to find them, and how you can profit from them, using very little of your own money.

In this special seminar, experienced property investor, author and coach, Simon Zutshi, will share some of his 17 years of investing experience including how you can gain cash flow and equity growth using purchase lease options.

In particular, you will learn:

 What are purchase lease options and how can you profit from them

 How to spot potential Purchase lease options

 Where to find Purchase lease options

 The 4 big mistakes to avoid

 How to maximise your ROI and minimise risks




Date: 17th October 2012

Start: 2.00pm

End: 8.00pm

Location: Queens Hotel

Event Location

The venue for this year’s Portsmouth Landlord Show is hosted at the Queens Hotel, Clarence Parade, Osbourne Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO5 3LJ.

Doors open at 2pm and the show ends at 8pm, and refreshments will be available as well as a licensed bar.

Entry: Free

Bitcoin: 1BJbBAvdNHcZPZBnaFpyExUmAD9H1crosU



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