Beach Decor Ideas – 5 Great Tips to Follow

beach decor ideas – Most people love beaches especially kids. During the summer season, lots of people spend time to relax along the beach with their family or perhaps friends. However, you can feel the breezy atmosphere as if you are on the beach everyday by decorating your bathroom with beach accessories.


beach decor ideas

beach decor ideas – There are lots of beach decor ideas that you could follow to transform your bathroom. Beached themed bathroom can create an enjoyable reminder of your summer days along the beach. By using some decorating elements and beautiful beach themed decorations, you can transform your bathroom with a touch of the seaside.

Choose a Perfect Color The major key element to enhance the appearance of the bathroom is to choose a perfect color suited for the theme that you want. If you want a beach themed bathroom, paint the walls with sky blue combined with white or perhaps sand colored of your choice. The bathroom accessories like towels, rugs, vases, and toilet cover must also match with the theme according to the paint of the walls. However, to make the bathroom more appealing to the eyes, add a border showing scenes of the beach to enhance the theme. If you don’t feel adding a border, color can also set the bathroom tone and can create a cool and calm beach retreat.

Add Decorative Details Adding some beautiful decorations to the bathroom will perfectly add a good ambiance to the theme and can bring the feeling of spending time on the beach. A perfect idea to do this is to adorn it with dried starfish, seashells, pebbles, and glass bowls with sand that can be placed in the bathroom shelf. The idea can touch and can contribute to the beach themed in your bathroom. Framed photos or perhaps art works can be perfect decoration that can be hung on the walls. However, choose art works that complements to the theme. Aside from decorating the walls with framed photos, place a decorative scented candles in the corner or at the top of the bathroom shelf that truly reminds you of the beach atmosphere. Soaps in shapes of seashells can be a good idea as well to be used when having a shower.

Bathroom Accessories All these decorative bathroom accessories can be bought in the nearby home decor stores in your locality. You can shop for decorations that are inexpensive but elegant right from the shower curtains, towels, rugs, toothbrush holder and more. Bathroom accessories are important to your bathroom but you need to complement them with the theme. The best colors to choose are blue, brown, and light green. The trash can and the accessories for the sink must complement as well.


Natural materials like wood or perhaps rocks are the best options when selecting accessories for your sink since these materials are often found on the beach. The lighting that illuminates the whole area must be adorned with seashells to have a finished touch and to create a more nautical image. There are lots of beach decor ideas that you can apply for your bathroom when you want to reminisce your happiest moment in the beach. Just follow some tips above to make this a reality!


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