7 Steps for a Successful Home Loan Processing

Successful Home Loan Processing:In case you are a first time home buyer, second timer, third, or maybe you want to refinance; home loan processing can be a daunting experience.Successful Home Loan Processing:You need to be Read More

The UK now owes more than £1trillion, but the difference of spending above tax is falling to give Chancellor George Osborne a fighting chance of hitting deficit reduction targets. The United Kingdom loss of its Read More

  New research reveals the frequency with which Britons review essential financial products Home insurance policies are the most frequently reviewed product, mortgages are the least Santander urges consumers to review their finances regularly   Read More

Christmas – how do we afford it?

 Christmas is full of expense – turkey and all the trimmings, parties, presents, festive visits to parents… These things don’t happen by magic – someone has to pay for them – but how do we Read More

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Removing the ‘work’ from home paperwork

home paperwork – We may be coerced into a paperless society – but how can we manage paperwork when a hefty volume still falls through the letter box and comes from other sources? Our lives Read More

8 Must Ask Questions When Tidying Up Your Finances

Whatever the current circumstances, there comes a time when you will need to review your personal financial circumstances.  This is usually driven by a change in personal circumstances which may warrant making a huge financial Read More

We don’t all get the chance to road test a property before we buy, as on To Buy or Not to Buy. But if you’ve decided that it’s time to buy, be it at home Read More

Mortgage Brokers See ‘Surge’ in New Deals

According to mortgage sourcing specialist, Mortgage Brain, over 2,600 new home loans have been introduced since April 2010, taking the total number of live products on its system to 7,320. However, September saw a 4% Read More

Two thirds of First Time Buyers can’t raise a deposit

Source: Despite Government efforts to encourage them into the housing market with shared equity schemes which require little or no deposit, two thirds of first time buyers believe that a lack of sufficient mortgage Read More

Bank of England maintains Bank Rate at 0.5%

Source: – bank of england rateBank of England  – The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee today voted to maintain the official Bank Rate paid on commercial bank reserves at 0.5%. The Committee also voted Read More

CML comment on September lending data

September lending data – The September lending data from the Bank of England shows a continuation of recent trends in the mortgage market. September lending data – Underlying levels of mortgage lending have edged a Read More

Source: home remains  – The economic climate is doing little to help South West families looking for their own home, with affordability as much of a problem here as ever according to a new Read More

First time buyer demand increasing

First time buyer demand – Source: Demand from first time buyers is rising, while buy to let investors are now gravitating towards houses rather than flats, according to the latest housing market research from Read More

Mortgage approvals return to 2007 levels

Image by myfirsthome via Flickr Source: Numbers of loans approved for house purchase are back to levels last seen at the end of 2007 and that increased activity is feeding through to increased mortgage Read More

Product Description “A one-stop reference for in-depth explanations of mortgage topics With the creation of so many new, complex mortgage programs, it’s difficult for consumers –not to mention real estate agents, attorneys, closing agents, and Read More