Choosing an American-style Fridge-Freezer

american style fridge freezer – The American style fridge freezer, otherwise known as the side by side fridge freezer, is quickly becoming the go-to choice for kitchenettes throughout the UK. Taller instead of wider, highly efficient, and boasting a range of features including an ice dispenser, holiday mode, and a door alarm, the American-style unit is ideal for growing families with limited kitchen space. But is it right for you? Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current fridge-freezer, or you’d just like something a bit more chic for your new kitchen, read on to discover the advantages of owning an American fridge-freezer, and find out if you could benefit from making the switch.


american style fridge freezer

Size Whether you have a large or a small kitchen, an American-style fridge-freezer is optimized for saving space. The side by side cabinets are built taller instead of deeper or wider, meaning that the entire fixture can fit in line with your kitchen counter, and still offer a better capacity than most independent units. Before choosing where to place your new fridge-freezer, remember to measure clearance at the back and the door span on both sides, leaving at least a couple of inches spare in all directions. Remember that the roomy interior compartments of an American-style fridge-freezer can be independently switched to provide refrigeration or freezing – extra space for ice lollies in the summer, and more room for fresh vegetables if you’re cooking a swanky dinner. So no need to worry about which one you’ll end up using more.

Style The American-style fridge-freezer is designed to be both striking and simple to fit with the decor of any modern kitchen. Available either as a split-tier with drawers, or as a top-to-bottom cabinet, and in a very broad range of colors, it certainly pays to shop around before settling on your ideal fridge-freezer. For an added touch of elegance, many units come with an LED touchscreen allowing easy access to the full range of options.

Features One thing you’ll love about owning a side by side unit is the extraordinary range of technologies at your disposal. A water and ice dispenser is fitted as standard on most models, as is the more energy-efficient option of LED lighting. For conserving energy when it is not needed, a holiday mode allows for certain compartments to be switched off individually, and if you’re buying within the UK, all models will now come with an energy rating of A+ or higher. As for storage, the innovative compressor module inside an American-style fridge-freezer works to create a totally frost-free environment – so no more defrosting the freezer, no more soggy food, and best of all, everything stays fresher for longer.

Storage Undeniably the thing you would expect a fridge to do best, an American-style fridge freezer makes the absolute most of every litre of its capacity. Extra shelves in the main cabinets are complemented by handy door pockets, a ventilated salad crisper drawer, and drinks racks large enough to accommodate big bottles of pop. For larger families (or hungrier bellies), side-by-side fridge-freezers come in sizes up to and over 650 litres.



Price Side-by-side fridge-freezers can begin at prices as low as £500, making them just as cost effective as purchasing a fridge and freezer separately. By purchasing from a trusted retailer, you can also guarantee free home delivery and installation, and warranty packages can extend for as much as ten years. Remember when purchasing your new American-style fridge-freezer to factor in the electricity costs. These units can burn through up to 20% of your annual budget. If in doubt, remember to check the energy rating – an A++ rating can save up to 20% of your average cost, and an A+++ model can offer savings of as much as 50%. For more information on energy consumption, check out’s comprehensive comparison page here.

So is it right for me? American-style fridge-freezers are perfect for larger households, offices, and growing families, or for anyone looking for the perfect centerpiece to their modern kitchen. As with all investments, it helps to shop around as much as possible before deciding – if this is your first look into the refrigeration market, we suggest taking a look at LG Electronics’ new range, or alternatively popping into your local hardware store such as Curry's (who have created their own brilliant buying guide). If you’re looking for a wealth of storage space, a vast range of features, and a beautifully stylish model to fit into your kitchen, a dual-cabinet fixture may be just the thing for you.


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