Choosing the Right Climbing Roses for Your Garden

Now that you are a homeowner, it is time to beautify your house garden with fabulous climbing roses! Growing roses in your garden can be a fun idea and can turn your simple garden into an animated form of art. In case there is no garden fence, then place a tall stake at the yard boundaries or perhaps a trellis to wrap up these beautiful climbing roses.

The smartest way to decorate your garden with these lovely flowers is to put an archway at the entrance. It would be a  nice feeling entering into your garden with this lovely archway full of blooming climbing roses. In fact, there are lots of climbing roses for sale found in the garden shop and a wide variety to choose from.

When growing lovely climbing roses in your garden, be sure to select a variety  suitable to the climate of the place. There are climbing roses that are not suitable during winter season.  So, be wise enough! Do some research to find flowers suited for the winter season. There are lists of lovely climbing roses below suitable for your garden.

Large-flowered climbers

This is the most widely used and popular climbing roses that produce beautiful clusters of flowers on arching canes, and stiffs.  Generally, these roses reach up to 15 feet in height. The plants produce flowers during the growing season and they are in full bloom during spring. However, these flowers need proper protection during winter.  They are not the best choice if you are living in a place where there is winter.

Climbing sports

These beautiful roses are named after Queen Elizabeth. They do not bloom like large-flowered climbers but they produce an excellent size of flowers during their growing season. These flowers can attract everyone's attention once they are in full bloom. However, they need also protection from cold winter.


They are derived from the old species like R. Multiflora, Rosa wichuraiana, and R. Moschata. Occasionally, these new breeders can create an innovative rambler cultivar. This is done by just combining the newer rose and old ramblers from any different categories. Ramblers are beautiful and have a sweet fragrance. The flowers are often 5 centimeters in width. They produce a large number of flowers when they are not pruned and left alone. They grow up to 6 meters long. However, they bloom only once for at least 6 weeks during the early summer season.

The climbing roses usually do not attached to the surfaces similar to vines. They need guidance to make them beautifully grow by allowing them to climb trees or perhaps fence. They can also go to any direction you want.

The rose bushes need regular pruning to stimulate production of their flowers. However in climbing roses, you need to run them freely on their own so that they can produce more flowers for your garden. Meaning, you don’t need to prune them regularly.

Planting these lovely flowers in the garden is an advantage to homeowners because they don’t need to spend so much time in taking care of their garden.

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