Choosing a Type of Garden

 Choosing a Type of Garden

Type of Garden

1. Decide what you want to grow. Are you interested in growing a vegetable garden, a berry patch, or a flower bed? Decide what types of things you would like to see growing in your garden.

If you want to grow vegetables, consider types that you enjoy eating or that may be expensive to purchase in the store. Look at your gardening conditions to choose which vegetables will work best for your space allotment and the environment. For example, corn takes a lot of space to grow, but beans and tomatoes need much less.
Growing fruits and berries can be rewarding, but each needs specific weather and amounts of rain and sun. Fruits and berries that grow naturally in your area are a good choice to have in your own garden.
Flowers and other plants are the easiest to grow, as there is such a wide variety to choose from. Consider your favorite flowers or ones that would make good bouquets when they bloom.
Decide if you will be planting annual or perennial plants. Annual plants only grow for one year and must be replanted every year, but offer a longer blooming period and beautiful colors. Perennials are plants that grow back naturally each year but may have a shorter bloom-span.

2. Choose how you want to grow your garden. You have to make the decision if you want to grow your garden in-ground, in a raised bed or pots, and how large of a space you will require. Having a large yard with plenty of space makes gardening easy, but using a small space is equally as simple.
If you live in an area with good soil that is not too rocky or sandy, then growing your garden in-ground is a good option.
If growing your garden in-ground is not a viable choice, then consider buying gardening pots or building above-ground beds. These are great because they are easier on you back and can be moved around your yard if desired.
If you are limited on space, you can grow a vertical garden using a small planter or stacked crates and upright-growing plants.

3.Pick a method of growing. As with all fruits, vegetables, and flowers, you can choose to grow them from seeds or to buy mature plants to transplant into your garden. Decide which you prefer based on your time and money needs.

Growing from seed takes several months and much more work than transplanting full-grown plants, but offers extra fulfillment in knowing you are responsible for the growth of the plant.
Growing from seeds is the cheapest option, as a pack of seeds costs only a few dollars or cents. Full grown plants purchased from a gardening store can cost anywhere from $1-$50 apiece.
Transplanting mature plants takes only a few minutes of work once the rest of your garden has been prepped.

4.If you choose to grow flowers, you also have the option of planting bulbs. Bulbs are easy to plant, come back every year, but only bloom for a few weeks at a time.

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