Creative Ways To Make Extra Space In Your Kitchen

Creative kitchens

A new kitchen has to meet a wide gamut of functions depending on the size and age of the family occuping the apartment, and the blend of kitchen worktops, flooring and kitchen cabinets all come together to form the kitchen of your dreams.

Lets focus on your kitchen cabinets for example, traditionally these have been quite bland and are nothing more than a box with a door and perhaps a few internal baskets as well, but in the modern age where we tend to have all sorts of kitchen appliances in all shapes and sizes, consumer demand has cried out for more functionality and better use of the cabinet space, which is essential if you only have a small kitchen area to work with.

Certainly, it is through these consumer demands that the different designs of kitchen cabinet doors have been given certain emphasis by many expert designers. These designs are especially made to support the space needs of the small area homes that were made to simply create a simple space for human occupancy.

The new breed of kitchen cabinets has certainly been well received by consumers especially those with smaller homes or small apartments, as they seem to be able to store far more than the older traditional styles which lets face it, wasted a huge amount of spare capacity.

Some of the more popular types of kitchen cabinets and doors now include the following for example:

Doors with pre fitted baskets:

These kinds of kitchen cabinet doors carry on a basket that would best become functional areas for utensil or plate storage as the doors are opened.

Opaque or transparent doors

These kitchen doors are functional to let the owners be able to peek inside the area and see the items within without necessarily opening the said doors.

There are of course many others, but then that is the fun of designing your own kitchen

Whatever particular function the kitchen cabinet doors have for the owners of the kitchen should be well defined by the particular role that they are supposed to perform in the said area of the home. To assure that the kitchen cabinet doors would be able to perform well for the family’s needs for all time, for a long time, it is essential that the use of sturdy cabinet door hinges should be considered.

On a slightly different note the same applies to your choice of kitchen work surfaces, gloss kitchen worktops are more suited to casual or low level use as tiny scratches can dull the effect, whereas a stronger laminate worktop would be suitable for harder wear or even one from the minerelle composite stone kitchen worktops range.

As the kitchen is a natural hub for family activity its not unusual for the kids to pile in and use the breakfast bar or work surface for some form of activity which could simply range from colouring and drawing to homework perhaps. so with all the extra space you have created with your choice of functional kitchen cabinets it may be a nice touch to give them some kitchen storage space of their own.

Put enough time aside in checking out your cabinet options before you make your purchase as time spent here will give you masses of extra space in your new kitchen.

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