Designer bathroom ideas that won’t break the bank

Once you have decided to redesign your bathroom there is no reason why you should have to spend a fortune in order for this revamped room to fulfil all your creative passions.


Where to start?


An online search and a perusal of the current style magazines will provide ideas for your dream bathroom. If you want a copper tub in the style of Cleopatra this may be tough to achieve on a budget, but architectural salvage yards could be a good place to start. Create the ideal solution for you and your family by asking everyone what they would like to see in their refurbished bathroom. You want to make sure that everyone will appreciate having their own ideas added to the mix.


Redesigning your bathroom


The best way to start designing any room is to draw up a plan on paper and try to imagine it in your head. This can then be taken to a local building supplies firm so that they can give you quotes on the materials needed. This is the time to determine your budget.


Sometimes a tired looking room will just need a fresh coat of paint and new blinds to match the fresh colour scheme. You can also incorporate the towels into your colour scheme to create a coherent design theme. Providing you have the budget, a new floor can totally transform a room and candles and plants can brighten up a lacklustre bathroom in need of an update.


If you are on a tight budget then one way of saving some money is to try your local reclamation yard where they will have a multitude of bathroom accessories at reasonable prices. Many top designers use these suppliers as it keeps the cost down and the end results can be amazing. The current recession also means that many high street shops will be prepared to negotiate on the ticket price, so never be afraid to haggle.


DIY or go professional?


Many of the jobs that need to be carried out in the redecoration of the bathroom can be completed with the help of the family, but it’s always a good idea to call on the services of a professional plumber and electrician for aesthetic and safety purposes. If you are confident, it may be cheaper to fit new accessories yourself, including smart new cabinets, lighted sensor mirrors and stylish shelving and storage systems.

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