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Vertical blinds are versatile, functional, and customisable, making them perfect for almost any room of your home. They can be used on any size or shape of window. They can be made in a wide variety of colours, textures, and materials, allowing you to express your own unique style without sacrificing functionality. With the right knowledge and a few choices you can choose the vertical blinds that are right for your needs.


The first step in choosing the right vertical blind is to consider their functions. You may find after some consideration that vertical blinds may not be appropriate for every room of your home. Privacy is important in certain rooms of your home such as your bathroom and bedroom, and not so important in other rooms like the kitchen and living room. Studying how the vertical blinds function can help you determine if they will provide enough privacy for you. Choosing vertical blinds that are made from a thick stiff material, and that close more tightly can help to preserve privacy in certain rooms.

Safety is another key issue to consider. On most standard vertical blinds a cord or straight wand is used to open, close, and manipulate the blinds. If you have small children or have difficulty reaching things above your head, you may want to consider looking into vertical blinds that are operated by remote control. Young children and pets can become tangled in cords that they can reach, and those with injuries may find it hard to manipulate the window coverings when the wand is too high up. Remote control vertical blinds allow you to operate your blinds from any location in the room.

How much light you want in a room is another important function to consider. You want your vertical blinds to make a statement of style in your home, but you also want them to serve a purpose. For most individuals, that purpose is to help keep light out at certain times, let it in at others, and provide privacy at night. If you want more open and warm rooms then you may consider a vertical blind that is made out of lighter material with the ability to open fully to allow for more light. To keep light out in warm weather consider a weightier vertical blind that seals the window allowing less light to come through.

Colour, Material, and Texture

Obviously you are not buying your vertical blinds strictly for their functionality, you want to choose blinds that are also a reflection of your own personal style. To help make a statement in your home, and to compliment the interior design of your rooms, you need to take into account the colour, texture, and material that your window blinds are made of. If you choose vertical blinds just for their functionality you will become board and possibly disgusted with your decision.

The colour of your vertical blinds should complement the room that they are in. If you have a similar style and colour scheme throughout your home, then choosing the same colour that will either match or compliment it for the blinds in each room may work well. However, if your style is different in various areas of your home, then you may need to consider purchasing a variety of coloured vertical blinds for each separate room. Colour can also contribute to light control and privacy as well. Lighter coloured vertical blinds could let in more light and provide less privacy if made from a light material as well, while dark coloured ones could help keep more light out.

Material and texture are probably the two biggest factors to consider when choosing the cosmetic design of your vertical blinds. From visual appeal to privacy, the material you choose affects every function of your vertical blinds. Blinds made from lighter fabrics and wood for instance could provide a very pleasing visual effect, but are not very good at keeping out light or providing privacy. On the other hand blinds made from a sleek and smooth vinyl or metal may provide more light control and privacy, but may not provide as many style and colour choices as a fabric blind might. A good balance of the two is to consider a vertical blind made from a thick stiff fabric, which will provide plenty of privacy while allowing you more choices with colour and patterns.

There are many choices when it comes to choosing vertical blinds whether custom made or from a retail store, and the task can be a daunting one. With the right knowledge and some experimentation however, you can choose a vertical blind that is perfect for every room in your home. Choosing a vertical blind that is functional and that compliments the style of your home will ensure your happiness with your decision for years to come – begging of the question – how much will my house be worth in 20 years?

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