Easy Ways To Kill Ants And Pests From Your Garden

Are you having problems with removing carpenter ants? Don't worry it's not that difficult a problem to solve.

There is a high probability that you have experienced problems with ants in your house or garden. Given that there are thousands of varieties of ants inhabiting nearly every corner of the earth, it's not surprising that they are such a pest to home owners.

Most species of ants are not that fussy about what they eat, although it is well known that they do have a liking for things that are sweet or fatty. If you want to know about home remedies for carpenter ants then this article will help you.

Ants are very mobile and typically have no problem going a long way to find scraps of food to eat. Though they normally nest outdoors, ants often enter homes searching for food, exploiting tiny cracks around doors.

All ant species are difficult to control because they're highly adaptive and have great survival instincts, says Frank Meek, technical director for Orkin, Inc. Unfortunately, the natural conditions in our homes-no matter how clean-provide the perfect environment for ants.

Ants perform complex social behaviors and are widely studied for their intriguing communication methods.

For instance, once ants find food, they release chemicals called pheromones, which help fellow ants locate the feast. They also use this same chemical substance to defend themselves against attack.

Various species of ant use different ways to defend themselves. Fire ants use pheromones to send signals to the colony warning them against attackers such as birds and other insects.

On humans, fire ant stings typically cause small blisters or pustules, which itch and burn and are prone to infection. Severe reactions can include breathing difficulty, swelling, aggravated skin disorders and sometimes death.

Fire ants are not the only ants that can disrupt health and home.

Some types like Pharaoh ants are likely to infect your foodstuff and result in sickness. On the other hand, Carpenter ants are well known for causing damage to the wooden structures within your house.

Try these proven ways to stop ants invading your home:

1) Do not leave mess from mealtimes on the floor.

2) Wash cans before placing in the trash bin.

3) Store food in tightly sealed containers.

4) Pick up your pet's food at night.

5) Avoid feeding pet animals in the garden.

If you want to know more about carpenter ant nests then click here.

Identifying ant species is the first step in dealing with infestations, and homeowners should trust an experienced pest control professional for this difficult but critical process. A licensed company will customize treatment strategies to fit your specific ant problem.

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