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In recent years, much as been said about the plight of first-time buyers regarding issues of affordability. Although potential buyers are being squeezed out of the market by rising house prices, mortgage costs and tighter lending conditions, the present market slow down will still prove to be beneficial.

The housing market slow down will educate first-time buyers on the opportunities that are available and they can also learn about the help on hand. Buyers must not mistakenly believe that their situation is hopeless; you must still go out and explore the possibilities that are available.

For the minority whom are focused and motivated, the message is to investigate all your options and not to make assumptions about what is financially practical/possible. Until you have sought proper advice and research the alternatives, you will not have even begun to make the right choice. In fact, you may unintentionally spend unnecessary money on rent at a time when you could actually afford to be moving in to your own property. Home builders and developers are doing their best to assist first-time buyers throughout the United Kingdom.

For the majority of you whom are adopting the ‘wait and see policy’ there is no harm in having a bit of fun, while you prepare to step onto the ladder. Window shopping is now easier with the internet and myfirsthomeltd. The UK is a nation that LOVE football, and what better way to enjoy this spring and summer, than by getting involved with friends and families.

As the UEFA Champions League draws to a close, the premiership and UK football season climaxing also, the supporters whose clubs with an opportunity to still win a trophy will be biting their nails, with the mounting tension. For the rest of us we can tune in and say ‘Let the Best Team on the Day Win’

However ALL first-time buyers can get involved in ‘Mars Balls the Big Ball Give Away.’ Mars is giving away 100,000 footballs and is sponsoring Grass Roots Football, thus encouraging young fresh talent to get back playing football.

If you fancy a kick about in a five-a-side tournament, then first-time buyers whom are registered with can also learn more about ‘Mars Balls Get Britain Playing’ campaign


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