Go Greener at Home in Eight Ways

Being an Eco-friendly is commemorating God’s creativity.  Let’s start it at home. There are many simple ways to go greener at home that can help lessen climate change. By doing this, we can pass these values to our grandchildren in the near future.  Aside from living green at home, we can save some cash as well. Lots of people are now practicing green living at their home. In fact, all of them are successful.  If you haven’t started practicing this at home, follow the tips below;

1. Lessen energy consumption and save cash

When you are saving energy, you are not only saving money, but you cut down the demand for fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil. Less using of fossil fuels can decrease the discharge of carbon dioxide. Did you know that carbon dioxide is the major contributor when it comes to global warming? So, start saving some energy and contribute to lessen global warming.

Here are the techniques to lessen energy consumption at home;

•    The thermostat must be set in lower degrees during winter and set it higher during the summer just to save cooling and heating expenses.

•    A compacted fluorescent light bulb is the best option to illuminate the whole area of your home.

•    Unplug those home appliances that you are not using. There are available smart power strips that you can use. The strips can sense when those appliances are cuts and off.

•    Do not wash your clothes in the washing machine. Almost 85 percent of energy is being used when you use this home appliance. In fact, hand washing is best.

2. Conserve water

Don’t take time when having a shower. Do it faster since this can lower the water and the heating bills as well. Installing a low flow shower head doesn’t cost you much and can help conserve water consumption.  The energy and water savings can easily pay back your home investment. It is also important to have an aerator on the faucets. Faucet aerators can reduce water and heat as keeping the pressure of water in high level.

3. Conserve gas

Remember that the more you conserve gas, the more money you can save. If you want to go to the nearby market, you can use bicycles instead of driving your car. Biking is a good exercise for the body and you can save gas and money. So, try biking to stay fit, healthy, and parking costs. If you are living far from your work, why not find a place to rent near your office? This is one way to save gas and money. You can inform your locality to build sidewalks and also bike lanes. These small improvements in your locality can pay big amount of dividends in improving and reducing traffic.

4. Eat wise

In case the whole family often eats meat and poultry products, include one vegetable meal in a week. Eating meat and poultry products everyday are not good for the body. In fact, these foods are expensive. By opting for vegetables, you can provide good health for the whole family and can save you some cash since they are inexpensive.

5. Avoid buying bottled water

To avoid buying  bottled water, use water filter in order to purify your tap water at home! When traveling, re-use empty bottled water container. Use this empty bottle to store drinking water when you are traveling.  Bottled water is not only very expensive but this creates a huge amount of waste materials.

6. Think smart before buying

When buying home products, look for slightly used.  There are lots of slightly used home products in the home depot stores and online stores.  These products are still in good condition and inexpensive. Check also for garage sales. You can buy lots of items in the garage sales at lesser costs.

7. Smart buying

Purchase everything in bulk. Homeowners can save lots of cash when buying in bulks rather than purchasing in retail prices.  Buy clothes that do not use dry cleaning. These clothes can lower down the toxic chemical being used.

8. Use non-toxic cleaning agents

Make use of natural products when cleaning your home. You can prepare homemade cleaning agents instead of buying commercial home cleaners. Homemade cleaning agents are not toxic and could not harm the family. Below are natural home cleansers that you can apply;

•    Water and baking soda
•    Vinegar and lemon juice
•    Homemade disinfectant

If you are well informed about green living, you can improve the effects of global warming right now. Aside from this; you can also contribute to the world economy as well.

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