House Plant Buying Tips

Plant Buying Tips

Plant Buying Tips – When most of the world’s economy turns down, many are devastated with the results. It leaves them scars that kept them well reminded of the heavy fall they had all suffered. Although a positive growth has been noted, many can’t still escape the shadows of the past.

Plant Buying Tips – As a result, a person tends to refuse the reality of today and chooses to play safe. House plants are very beautiful to keep if they look so healthy and radiantly glowing with life. The condition of the plant is indeed dependent on its initial condition at the time the plant was bought as well as on how well the owner handles them. When buying house plants, it is but necessary to consider several things.

Yet, most people just buy any house plants without having much thought especially if they are offered at a low price. But, don’t you think buying a house plant is like buying something for an investment? Yes! Indeed, when you take time to buy a healthy house plant, you will have an enjoyment for years just seeing your house adorned with unique and wonderfully created plants. And to make that into reality, you simply have to spend some of your time inspecting a prospective house plant before purchasing it. As a top rule in gardening goes: never buy plants when you are in a hurry, if you do so, the greater is the chance that you will buy  a plant that doesn’t suit your taste or your house. In buying a house plant, take time to inspect the leaves of house plants for presence of pests. Aphids, spider mites and scale are pests that are commonly found on the back of leaves and at the nodes of plants. These pests will not only inflict damage to your house plant but on your others as well. You should know how to recognize these pests so you would know if you encounter such or not. Here is a list on what you should look for on your potential house plant:

Aphids. These appear like small green or black insects that usually infest buds and new growth. They destroy the plants slowly by sucking the juices out of house plants and also secrete honeydew. Spider mites. These are small insects which appear as small white specks. They are usually found on the undersides of leaves or on flowers of house plants. When they thrive on plants, they create webbing much like that of a spider’s web. When on these webbings, spider mites are more visible as white specks. Scale. They look like tiny, brown, oval-shaped bumps visible on the plant’s leaves and stems. However, scales are actually the protective covering of insects and are producing honeydew, a clear sticky substance which can be seen on affected house plants. Now, the things mentioned above are just tips on how to tell if a plant is infected or not. Any way, another thing to consider before purchasing is to check if it is root bound. To check, pull the plant out of its container and check the root ball. This action is allowed by reputable stores.

Now, if the plant is already root bound, this means you need to change its container and add some potting soil. You will spend more when you do this, but in exchange you will make the plant look great when its new container suit it. Moreover, examine the container of plants if they have cracks. If they don’t, try checking if the containers fit your other plant’s containers at home. You see, it is more beautiful when containers have a common theme if not design. Furthermore, it is also a wonderful idea if you purchase house plants by shape and height when you are planning to group them accordingly. And the last but not the least tip is for you to save tags attached to your newly purchased plants so that you will have a guide on the plant’s needs. Now, you are fully equipped on how to buy spectacular house plants. Enjoy gardening!

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