How Pillows Add Flair to any Room

Enter the exciting new world of textiles for a flair of tone and color that is replacing a once routine selection of modern decorative pillows. Designer modern room details are making news with an artistic flair that was once thought reserved for the stylish elite. No longer does one have to accept the same design and material pumped out by the millions to compliment a room.

Once limited to canvas, dramatic designs and drawings can now be found in the home by award-winning artists on items such as chair cushions, table runners, blankets, pillows and other useful trimmings. Designers Eye is a Swedish textile manufacturer who has burst onto the decorating scene, led by Lena Bergstrom, award-winning designer. Pillows created out of felted, virgin wool is their trademark, using gentle, soothing colors in stripes and floral, adding a touch of elegance to any setting.

Mibo, founded in the UK, was the brainchild of TV and Film Art Director, Madeline Rogers. Noticing that her flat lacked a certain light in furnishings, she set out to rectify the problem. Wallpaper and modern pillows are part of her creativity using vivid, yet subtle hues in her accessories. Linen and cotton cushions bring a joyful brightness to any section of a room needing a pick me up. Another favorite is Madeline's impressive tile tattoos that literally bring out the life in a kitchen or bath.

Modern Basics is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and was the brainstorm of two friends who worked together at a product development firm. Sharing attention to detail and a love of textiles, Page Ikeda and Rhonda Holloway started Modern Basics in 2001. Table coasters, crib bedding and pillows are their popular items with simple designs in blues, browns, reds and greens. Stylish and fun is the motto of this twosome and it shows in everything they make.

A favorite of the Orient and now appearing more and more in the states is the zabuton. Typically square and measuring twenty to thirty inches across, this Japanese floor pillow has been used as a form of floor sitting for centuries in Japan. Designed to have an interior life of eight to ten years with daily use, the muslin fabric is perfect for an active home. Covering the exterior with another fabric can only add atmosphere to your room as these friendly pillows invite casual guests to have a seat.

Discover the changes in just the past twenty years with modern day accessories when blended with the freshness of new and challenged artists. Textiles yield a perfect canvas for dramatizing art form and shape with a texture that calls for change with warm or bold colors. Whether your taste is Swedish, English or American, you will not be disappointed with the bright selections of today's modern designer pillows for home accentuation.

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