How To Actually SELL a home when the housing market is flooded with Homes For Sale

SELL a home

SELL a home:One of the toughest things to do in this real estate market is talk to homeowners who need to sell their home, but want to get as much money as they can in the sale.

SELL a home: Often times these homeowners want to sell their home for as much money as they could have gotten two years ago when the market had peaked.

Unfortunately this is impossible in the current real estate market we are facing. Before I give my ten-cent’s worth of advice on selling your home in this market, let me begin by saying “I don’t recommend selling in this market unless it is a must.” This is the most honest and best advice I can give you. Unfortunately, some people are forced to sell and there is nothing to do other than sell. If this is your situation, keep reading. As simple as this tip sounds, it is the hardest pill to swallow. The best thing to do when selling your home in a down market is pricing it competitively! Pricing is the key! Of all the Houses for Sale in Pasadena, your home needs to stick out and be priced better than everyone else’s. What happens if you don’t price well is that you sit on the market for a long time and the prices of homes continues to drop. Eventually you are caught following the market and trying to get the price you didn’t want in the first place. house 4 sale As a licensed Realtor in Pasadena California I study the trends that make the housing market go up and down. When foreclosures are on the rise they make the market contract. Banks put Homes for Sale below market value and they often times sell. These cheap homes are bringing down the average market prices on homes across the city. Sure you can price your home and what you think it is worth, but even if someone writes an offer they will have a hard time getting a loan for a house that is sold for more than it is actually worth. We are seeing similar instances with Commercial Real Estate. So, if you are looking to sell either residential or commercial real estate, make sure you price well! Get it sold before you sit on it too long!

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