How to Create Simple House Floor Plans

house floor plans- Whether building a house or perhaps organizing space in the current home, floor plans are very important.  The chosen house floor plans can affect the comfort as well as the efficiency of the house in which you live.  There are different kinds of ideas when planning for the floor of your house and varies from simple house floor plans to the big one. 


house floor plans

house floor plans – The floor plan of your choice should fit to your style and preference and must be drawn by the architect. However, one can as well create simple house floor plan using a little talent and creativity by using a graphic paper, ruler, or perhaps using a drawing software on your laptop computer. The result is similar to that of the architect whether you want it for the low tech or perhaps high tech design.

The rooms must be measured perfectly to get an exact measurement when it comes to the wall and the windows. The figures must be double checked as well. Find an assistant to obtain a good measurement to help you hold the other end of the tape measure to get an accurate measurement. Allocate a measurement rule on the graphing paper with at least one fourth inch grid.  Just do a simple method if you’re not familiar with the plan.

The simple method is to use one half inch of measurement on the graphing paper and it must be equal to the length of the foot. This will result in two squares in the graphing paper. Converting the measurements in the graphing paper is very simple to do. For example, if the wall is about twelve feet long, divide this by two and this will make six inches on the graphing paper. In overall, that will become twenty four squares. The walls must be indicated by straight lines to identify the window.  Indicate this by creating double lines.



The doorways must be indicated by an open line or you can leave it as blank and represent a single line towards the direction of the door. Create an efficient space by opening it up and leave the wall between the dining room and in the kitchen area. An island is a good option for this design. Allow the spaces to flow instead of clear lines between each room. The stairs must not be closed from the sight. Instead, add a handrail or perhaps a balcony.

To bring up light in the whole area, include many windows in the plan. The bathroom must be created with a flow towards the master bedroom. To determine the prospect appearance of the appliances needed for the house, cut small parts of the colored papers in various shapes to represent the furniture to have full detailed planning design. You need to find an appropriate spot for the furniture.

Tape the paper that represents the furniture to the desired spot. To make the floor plan easy to draw, find free software on the internet to use. However, make sure that the measurements are all correct whether using software or graphing paper for simple house floor plans.


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