How to Decorate a Green Living Room

Green Living Room – How to decorate a green living room?  Green color brings relaxing element to any kind of space at home. 


Green Living Room

Green Living Room – A combination of lime, apple hues, lime, and mossy balanced by warm furniture and wooden flooring is the perfect decor for the living room. 

In fact, you can emphasize the room with supple floral furnishings and white or black accessories to make a difference. Color green does not only feel you relax but also brings nature to the home.  Here are the following instructions to follow;

1.    The walls in your living room must be painted with a supple sage green color. This is because the color green is so peaceful and makes the atmosphere of your home more relaxing.

2.    To complement your green living room, set up wooden flooring or perhaps rich cherry flooring. This idea may complement well with walls on green shade. Red is the opposite color of green on the color wheel. The opposite shade can bring contrast with each other. Having the same amount of opposing color can make every color more active.

3.    If you have a fireplace, surround it with manufactured stone or perhaps natural stones that seem so natural to the eyes. However, if you don’t have, set up a fireplace that uses propane or gas. If you do not want a fireplace but like a decorative stone in the living room, put stones on the wall similar to a fireplace. 4.    Line a snug cream or white sofa with elegant chairs in a small or perhaps big floral print. However, small prints are better choice that soothes the theme of the room. If there is no floral print available, opt for big prints.

5.    To cover the seating area, place a rug on the floor preferably a bamboo rug. This is one way to make the living room Eco friendly and can add a natural element to the space.

6.    You can add a contemporary touch to the space of the living room with glossy black glaze tables. The black color will balance the white sofa and give a beautiful variance with cherry colored floor, stone accent and green walls.

7.    Choose table lamps in copper to improve the natural elements of the living room. However, if you love bronze, this may look elegant as well but nickel or copper can add more contrast to your green walls. Enhancing the look of your living room can be a fun idea especially if you do it by yourself. This can save you lots of pounds if you can successfully do the job without hiring a skilled individual. Follow the tips below if you want to do the job by yourself.

What are the things needed to paint the walls of your living room?

•    Filling knife •   Scraper •    Sandpaper •    Roller •    Roller pole •    Scuttle •    Stirring stick •    Paint kettle •    Quality brushes •    Stirring stick Now, here are the DIY ideas; •    Create a plan by gathering all the materials needed. The materials are listed above and be sure to complete the materials before starting the job. •    Don’t rush. Make a preparation! •    The rule of the thumb is to start at the top and slowly going down. Start working with ceilings, walls, and the last is on the wood work. If you want to place hanging wallpaper, finish the work first. •    When painting, make sure to double coat. •    When choosing from the color card, cut the picture you want and place it on a bond paper and see how it look like. This will give an idea about the overall color that you want. Decorating the living room is not an easy task because decorating a home is considered as overwhelming business and the options seem endless. However, all of the hard work brings so much fun!


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