How to Establish a Beautiful Home Lawn

Establish a Beautiful Home Lawn

Establish a Beautiful Home Lawn:Moving into your newly bought home will take a lot of decoration.  Well, just allow your wife to do the interior decoration. 

Establish a Beautiful Home Lawn:While you take care of the planning of surrounding lawns and gardens. While you are pondering how your garden may look like, a home lawn should be first to be established.  Planning and making your own garden may take a considerable time to accomplish.  However, preparing a grassy loan will just take a few days of hard works.

For a time being as you have not decided how your home garden may look like, try to establish a grassy home lawn surrounding your house.  But, it is very important knowing the common grasses that will be best suited to be sown in your lawn before buying the seeds.  Here are some common lawn grasses:

  • Buffalo Grass

This is a good kind of grass for sowing on coastal area that receive a regular rainfall or has a pronounced and long wet season.  This grass is the most popular choice among the lawn grasses as it requires very little care and attention as it grows vigorously under the sun or in partial shade.  The soil also need not be very fertile as it is a prolific grass that grows well even in a poor soil condition.  It needs a fair amount of water as well, as it can survive in a very wet condition.

  • Kikuyu Grass

This grass is an extremely fast grower and has the ability to quickly recover from damage and stress.  It makes an ideal lawn grass in a family home.  The children will enjoy playing with its soft texture making it the most popular lawn grass around the country. However, this grass does love a partial shade environment and needs more water than most other lawn grasses.

  • Berea Grass

The Berea grass has the root system that grows sideways like runners that extends up to 8 meters.  While it is a slow growing grass, it can fairly recover fast from damage.  It has a high tolerance on shady areas and grows very well because of its runners.  A lawn planted with Berea grass is quite expensive to establish. However, the soft texture of the grass, its durability, the ease of maintenance and care could offset the higher cost.

  • Paspalum

This kind of grass is used mostly on golf courses and open sport fields.  Most gardeners consider this grass as the premium grass for home lawns because of its soft texture and short growing leaves.  It is very durable that it can take a lot of beating as it is used in a soccer field.   It is also low maintenance that needs less watering than most other grasses.  However, the Paspalum grass will grow well under the full sunlight. Before sowing the seed of the grass you have chosen for your lush home lawn, make sure that all weeds, debris, rocks and stones will be removed from the planting area.  Level the ground for a good looking lawn and for easy drain out in case of rain.  Apply some organic fertilizer to the ground evenly before sowing the grass seeds or planting the grass cultivars.  Follow the planting or sowing instructions of the manufacturer for the best result. The sown seeds will germinate after a few days, however, you need to keep watering the grass until it will fully grow as a lush and beautiful lawn, this will take about 5 to 6 months of patience and waiting.  Planting of hedge plant on the perimeter of your lawn is one of the best practices in gardening. While waiting your grass to grow, you can start working on the concept and design of your garden.


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