How to Improve the Water Pressure in Your Home

water pressure in your home – Low pressure water is not something you should have to live with. Slow water dripping listlessly from taps can be incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to shower, wash the pots or even simply wash your hands. Here are five tips which could help you locate the cause of the low water pressure in your home and improve it significantly.


water pressure in your home

Check Piping for Rust The constant exposure to water can lead to a degree of rusting in metal pipes which can in turn clog the interior of the pipe. Trace back the piping from the low pressure taps and check for signs of rust and/or corrosion. Built up rust and corrosion can significantly reduce the speed of the water travelling through the pipe, leading to a lower water pressure. These damages cannot be solved with a quick fix, so seeking replacements may be the best course of action for improving the water pressure. Screwfix stocks a comprehensive selection of pipes like these in a range of different sizes, suited to varying jobs.

Inspect your Taps If low water pressure is only present in certain taps in the home, it may be the individual units which are causing the problem. Turn off the water, unscrew the aerator from the tap with a pair of pliers and inspect the interior for any blockages. Clean the aerator thoroughly and replace before turning the water back and testing the pressure again. If the water pressure is still low, check the main body of the tap. Turn the water off again and remove the top of the tap. Remove the cartridge from within (this is the part which looks like a golden chess piece) and check for any blockages. Clean thoroughly, replace the cartridge and turn the water back on again, checking the pressure.

Turn Off Water-Saving Features This may seem like an obvious solution but many fixtures may be automatically tuned to the water-saving setting. Consult the manual or webpage of the unit to determine whether it has built-in water-saving functionality. Research how to turn this off and follow the instructions accordingly and you may receive improved water service.



Measure your Pipes Modern pipes are all of set diameters, but older pipes may be too wide to effectively carry water at a high pressure. Measure your pipes internal diameter to check if this is causing the low pressure issue. If your piping’s internal diameter is more than ½ inch it could be inhibiting water pressure. This pipe reduction unit from B&Q can help to reduce the size of the pipe’s diameter and subsequently improve water pressure to the home.

Invest in a Home Booster Kit If you have exhausted the options to fix or rectify existing units, it may be prudent to invest in a little help to improve the water pressure. There are a range of factors which can affect water pressure including gravity, so quick fixes may not overcome low flow. A home booster set from Complete Pump Supplies can significantly increase water pressure throughout your home. Storing water efficiently and effectively releasing it through the pipes, the unit will guarantee the home’s taps are working to their full efficacy.


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