How to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly?

Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Today, there is an increase focus when it comes to cutting down carbon emission and taking care of the earth. However, there is also a smart reason to make your home Eco friendly and this will save you some cash.

The average household in the UK emits around 6 tons of carbon dioxide every year, more than the average car emissions. However, there are lots of simple changes you can perform to lessen this issue and could save you from gas and electricity bill. Improve loft insulation The only thing to save energy at home is by improving your insulation. This keeps the heat inside your home, thus, reducing the use of central heating system and other heaters. Most homes lose around forty percent of heat through walls and loft spaces. So, having superior loft insulation can create a vast difference to the heating costs. Don’t think that installing insulation at home could cost you a lot of money from your savings. However, the fuel and electricity bills will recover the costs in the long run. The UK government estimates that the cost of materials for loft insulation is around £230 and this is very easy to install without hiring a laborer. Aside from a loft, you can as well insulate the cavity walls for £260. Moreover, you are entitled to a government grant to support with the expenses through non-departmental public body like Energy Saving Trust. By installing insulation, you can totally save at least 630kg of carbon dioxide every year. Pipe insulation The jacket insulation is very simple to fit in your hot water cylinder and this will save you at least 75% of the heat. Examine the hot water cylinder if this has already an installed jacket and be sure that the jacket is at a standard thick. Doing this at home could save you around £20 every year in heating cost and 150kg of carbon dioxide emissions. If all people in the UK apply this at home, almost £1.3 billion will be saved yearly on heating bills. It is also very simple to insulate hot water pipes and this can add to your savings as well. Installation of energy efficient thermostatic radiator and boiler controls The energy efficient boiler could help homeowners save money every year. However, you must choose boilers with Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK (SEDBUK) label.  Boilers also rated from A to G scale. Be sure that your boiler is “rated A” because this is the most efficient.

One way also to save is by adjusting the thermostatic radiator control by putting it off when the room is already warm. Double glazing Heat inside the home also goes out of the window. So, it is best to double glaze the window to keep the heat and also avoid street noise. However, this requires financial investment but this could help you save on heating bills and will recoup the expenses later on. In case you don’t want to spend on professional double glazing, you can go for secondary glazing which is inexpensive and can still prevent heat loss. You can as well make a temporary version by means of taping transparent plastic around the frames of the window. The curtains must be tucked behind the radiators in order to keep the heat inside the room. Draught-proofing There are also some other things that you can do in order to keep the heat inside your home like draught excluders. This can prevent heat to escape under the exterior doors or on any openings. Draught excluders are also simple to install and could lessen carbon dioxide yearly emissions of 148kg. Draught proofing materials can be bought from the nearest hardware stores in your locality. While insulation and heating are considered as the biggest areas when it comes to Eco-proofing your cherished home, there are still some areas to consider that can help you cut down electricity consumption. However, by considering the above information, this can help you start saving some cash and energy.

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