5 Awesome Methods On How to Preserve Bouquet

A beautiful house needs a beautiful garden.  Picking flowers every morning or at night can be a fun idea.  These flowers are great decorations that can be placed on your dining table. However, they can be preserved as well.  Follow the methods below on how to preserve bouquet so you can make beautiful decorations at home.

Method # 1 – Dry Flowers Using a Microwave

Drying flowers in the microwave only takes several minutes instead of few weeks. Pick up beautiful flowers from your garden that you want to be preserved. Place the flower one at a time in the microwavable bowl. Turn the microwave on high setting for 3 minutes .  Remove the flower.

Method # 2 – Use Silica Gel

Using silica gel in preserving flowers from your home garden will look fresh like from the very first pick. Silica gel can be found and bought at various craft stores near your vicinity. This gel works well with roses and zinnias. Put the  flowers in a huge pot that contains silica gel. Wait for several days or weeks to preserve. Then gently uncover the vibrant and beautifully preserved flowers.

Method # 3 – Pressing Technique

The most common technique to preserve flowers is by pressing them.  To preserve, get a heavy book or an encyclopedia.  Line the page with a wax paper or a parchment. Arrange the flowers facing downward so that they will not overlap with each other. Close the book properly and placed it in a safe area. Leave it for one week or ten days.  Dried flowers can be used as bookmarks or a beautiful wall art.

Method # 4 – Air Drying

The most traditional way to dry flowers is to hang them upside down. Pick a bunch of flowers from your home garden and secure their stems with a ribbon or a rubber band.  Hang them upside down in a ventilated area away from the direct sunlight.  Watch for the shrinking petals and changes in color. After several weeks, you will have these lovely flowers in traditional colors. You can arrange them beautifully as a table centerpiece.

Method # 5 – Dry Flowers with little Water

Another method to dry flowers is to put them in a beautiful vase with a little water.   Leave them for several days.  After the water had been evaporated, they will be dried naturally. Remove them from the vase. Tie the stems with a lovely ribbon and hang them on the wall.

The information above can help you preserve flowers in an easy way.

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