Installing A Toilet In 13 Easy Steps

13 Easy Steps – Removing and installing a toilet is not as difficult as you think.  

13 Easy Steps

13 Easy Steps- There are easy steps to follow as outlined below.  Once you have read through this article, you will know how to install a toilet.

1. Get To Know The Toilet's Anatomy If you understand the anatomy of a toilet before removing and installing, it can be easy.  

2. Lay Out Newspapers and Rags Before starting work, gather old newspapers and rags.  In addition, you need an old towel to protect your hands or you can use hand gloves when doing the job.   Make sure that the brand new toilet  fits.  There are new models today that are larger and longer in size compared to the traditional ones.  That is why, you need to lay out newspapers and rags to protect your tiles.

3. Turn Off The Water Supply  To change your toilet, turn off the water supply.

4. Remove The Toilet Loosen the nuts attached to the water supply of the toilet. Remove the cover of the bolt found on the toilet's base and unscrew.  Then you can completely remove  the old toilet.

5. Unfasten the Seal A utility knife is a good tool to loosen the bowl from the floor.  Slowly lift the toilet unto the newspaper.  The wax gasket must be removed with a putty knife or utility knife.  Use a rag to block the pipe so that the sewer gas does not escape.

6. New Bowl Positioning To position the new bowl, insert a wax gasket on its outlet.   Be sure the base of the toilet is tight.  The base must be placed above the floor.   Secure the base with a putty or perhaps plastic gaskets.

7. Wax Ring Replacement There are many wax rings to choose from. Many are plastic that could be inserted directly to the water flow. However, a wax gasket seems thicker especially if it is #10. This gives better connection if you are remodeling an old house or when the nozzle is low. Occasionally, wax gaskets with no plastic inserts can give tight seal to sewer gases.


8. Apply Caulk Apply a caulk* to the toilet base and in the drain pipe.  Then lower the toilet bowl in to its place above the flange by pressing it down.

9. Fasten the Bowl To The Floor Slowly tighten the nuts and the washers with the bolts.   But do not tighten it too much since it can damage the porcelain.  Then leave it for several minutes and tighten.

10. Placement of  the New Toilet Tank Place the bolt of the tank on the base of the toilet.    Set it above the bowl by lowering it gently to its proper place.

11. Attach the Tank to the Bowl Before attaching the tank to the toilet bowl, secure first the washers and the nuts to the toilet tank and be sure it is level.

12. Placement of the Lid When tank is level, place the lid on the top and don't seal it. Connect the water supply pipe. Do not forget to tighten the compressor nut.

13. Smoothen It To seal, use your fingers to ensure a good finish. Now, you have successfully removed and installed a toilet. Congratulate yourself for a job well done!      


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