Kitchen Design And Laminate: Exquisite Design At Affordable Prices

There are a variety of different approaches you can adopt when your deciding what finishes would be suitable to give your kitchen the ideal look, but when you need to take into account the high traffic areas like worktops and work surfaces, choosing laminate does give some clear advantages.

One of the first reasons that this is a preferred material lies in the durable construction. Laminate worktops are generally glued to particle board with some manner of adhesive or glue. this method of construction means that the worksurface is both hard wearing and it is easy to create appealing finishes. Another plus point is that laminate countertops can be more impact resistant and spillages are easily cleared up.

Once you’ve decided on the finish, its often best to map out the kitchen using the laminate countertops as the starting point. Its essential to realise that in a majority of cases the the most effective kitchen design begin by taking into account how the kitchen area is put to use during the day. It is imperative that you examine the preferred flow of users round the kitchen as the day progresses.

Choosing a Kitchen Floor

Another important aspect of your kitchen is of course the floor and quick step laminate flooring has proven to be an excellent choice for designers.The appeal of laminate flooring is that laminate is an easy to work with type of flooring material that can be cut in to numerous designs to accommodate different cabinet designs and floor layouts with only a small amount of extra work.

Kitchen Floor Plans

There are a few useful traditional layouts You can use as the base of your kitchen design.The most basic of the kitchen layouts that you can choose from begins with what is commonally known as the one wall plan. As the name suggests, this is the model where all the kitchen units and utilities are positioned against a single wall. For budget sake this is a popular model, but there are other plans that incorporate more bespoke designs.

For example, the galley and the L-shaped kitchen breaks up the appliance/cabinets configuration and the Peninsula kitchen is suitable for kitchens that have an open wall.

Don’t Forget The Work Triangle

Another major plus of using laminate for kitchen countertops becomes apparent when you begin to design the work triangle. This is the area that’s defined as the spaces between the sink the stove and the refrigerator. Laminate countertops are ideal for creating sufficient space to keep keeps thing flowing nicely.

There will always be lot of design decisions to make when designing a new kitchen, but choosing Laminate worktops will not be one of them.

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