Living Off Grid with Solar and Wind Power Can Save You a Ton of Money

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You can beat the energy crisis and fire your energy company with residential solar power. Read on to learn how you can create your own energy. Then check out the links in the article for the specific plans you will need to make it happen.

We have never seen an energy crisis like what the world is facing today. 2008 showed what happens when supply and demand gets out of control. We watched prices of oil, gas, electricity, and virtually all forms of energy double, triple, or even more in price. This problem will only continue to get worse as the demand on energy continues to grow and the non-renewable resources shrink.

So what can off grid living do for you?

You can reduce your monthly energy bill or even eliminate it by using renewable energy in your home. Can you imagine not having to pay the electric company every month? Every person that uses residential solar power also reduces the demand on our non-renewable resources which will make them last longer. A good solar powered home is also more valuable. Imagine how much more you could sell your house for if you could tell the new owners that they wouldn't have to pay for energy. And most importantly, residential solar power is just plain good for planet Earth.

Now that you know what it does, how do you go about using residential solar power?

The obvious way to use solar energy is to harness the suns rays with solar panels and use it to power your house. You can easily do this without spending thousands of dollars per panel by building them yourself. It isn't that hard and the links at the bottom will show you how you can get started quickly. Some other ways you can use the sun's energy is to install solar powered accent lighting instead of wired lights, install a solar water heater, install a sky light or light tube to provide light during the day to a room that doesn't have windows, and using windows to your advantage to heat your house with the sun's rays or block the suns rays when you want to keep it cool inside.

Hopefully, this has got you thinking about how residential solar power can help you save money and help save the planet. off grid living is going to be extremely important in the future as our fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources are used up. Thanks in advance for helping to save the world!

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