One Call Urges Homeowners to Prepare for the Thaw

Homeowners to Prepare for the Thaw

Homeowners to Prepare for the Thaw : Homeowners in Scotland have been urged safeguard their properties against damage caused by the Big Thaw.

Homeowners to Prepare for the Thaw : Property maintenance company One Call Home Assist has warned people across the country to take extra care of their properties as the winter conditions come to an end – if they want to avoid paying for expensive repairs when Spring arrives.

The firm has highlighted some easy steps for homeowners to consider during the coming month or so to ensure their properties are suitably protected for the forthcoming thaw. Among the top tips to consider are: · Keep your house warm by leaving your central heating on at a constant temperature – to avoid freezing pipes and structural damage caused by the cold weather · Check the insulation on your pipes, boilers and roofs – and install new lagging if necessary · Have your heating system fully serviced to prevent fire or smoke damage · Clear blockages from gutters and outside pipes – so they will not overflow or be damaged during the winter thaw · Protect your garden taps from freezing by wrapping them with plastic sheeting · As residential fires increase during the winter, make sure you test your fire and smoke alarms thoroughly · Make sure you know how to shut off your water supply and that you know where your pipes are located. If your pipes freeze, the quicker you can shut off the water or direct your plumber to the problem, the better chance you have to preventing them from bursting. John Dickson, national sales director at One Call Home Assist, said: “Although the big freeze has been in effect for the past month, it is never too late to start thinking about ways to protect your home against the winter weather and the forthcoming thaw. “Even small things like making sure your house is warm, clearing your gutters and testing your smoke alarms can make a big difference when it comes to protecting your property – and your bank balance – in the future. “It’s also worthwhile looking at bigger jobs such as re-insulating your attic or checking the lagging on your pipes and boilers. Getting an expert in to do the work now will be far cheaper than suffering a disaster further down the line. “Remember that any improvements that you make now will help protect your home from the winter weather and thaw conditions for many years to come.” One Call Home Assist is an Edinburgh-based firm that provides maintenance contracts designed to help homeowners and landlords save thousands of pounds in repair bills. The company’s unique maintenance deals were set up for landlords and residential property owners in Edinburgh and the Lothians who did not want the hassle of maintaining their properties themselves – and designed as a low-cost alternative to the costly boiler repair contracts offered by British Gas and Homeserve. Contracts cover all emergency repair work to electrical, plumbing and heating systems, as well as general maintenance issues and all PAT and gas safety testing.


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