One trillion pounds worth of property not covered by a Will

property worth

property worth :Making your Will is the New Year’s resolution that people should be making says property specialists Move with Us following recent research which revealed that property worth over a trillion pounds is not currently included in a Will.

property worth :The average UK property is now worth £165,000, with over 14 million households currently owner occupied and a recent survey conducted by Move with Us revealed that 52% of homeowners were without a Will, leaving over £1 trillion worth of property at the whim of the intestacy laws.

With the New Year fast approaching many people will be making their resolutions for 2011 and from January will embark on a number of good intentions such as giving up smoking or going on a diet. Although both of these resolutions are worthy goals, Move with Us claim that sorting out your Will is instant and achievable and will offer significant benefits. Giving up smoking on average saves £2,000 a year in addition to the obvious health benefits but the creation of a Will could, on average, protect the legacy of a £165,000 property. Move with Us also maintain that making, or updating a Will can be a simple and stress-free task, with options including:

  • Traditional solicitor appointment
  • Online DIY validated Will checked by qualified advisers
  • Willwriter service (regulated by the Institute of Professional Willwriters)

Russell Cade, Move with Us director, said: “It is shocking to think that there are billions of pounds worth of assets not currently protected should any unfortunate eventuality occur to any of the 52% of UK homeowners that do not have a Will. The New Year is the perfect time to for people to put making a Will at the top of their list of resolutions. Stopping smoking may be able to save people £2,000 a year, but using one simple legal document can protect what’s likely to be people’s single biggest asset, their home. We recommend that this is produced with the help of a fully qualified and regulated Will Adviser, to ensure that your last wishes are wholly represented.”

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