Screened In Porch Ideas: One Way to Cool This Summer

Summer is the time of the year to cool down. Why not spend time on the porch? Clean the porch furniture, have a renovation, bring the multi colored cushions, replace the old table cloth, light the votive candles, make a delicious tea and install the screen in porch. The screened in porch ideas can be considered as one way to cool you down during summer season. Staying in porch after hard days of work can give you a relaxing and cool feeling. Don’t have a porch in your home? It is a good idea to add one. Maybe, you can place it in the backyard or perhaps on the side.

Screened porch can protect the whole family from mosquitoes and other pests that could bring diseases like dengue fever and a lot more. The porch can be programmed in a practical idea that you think of. This is the best place for reading books, browsing your laptop computer, hammock resting, socializing, playing chess, scrabbles, craft projects, and catching catnap, dining, texting on your cell phone, and a lot more. Name all the activities you want and the porch can give you a place for that.

During the hot summer season, catching the breeze is very important. Having a screened and shady porch in your house can be a perfect place to cool down. The warmth of the wood furniture and plants with white screened porch can add the coolness of the area. This is also the ideal spot in your home to witness the water views. However, some porches have other angles and the skylight is one of the great porch features. Do you think it is wonderful to have a porch that swing on the porch? Yeah, this is wonderful. This can give you a calming and comfortable porch.

Would you like to take some cold tomato salad with watermelon, basil, and delicious tea at your porch table? This can be an interesting idea. However, it is best that your screened porch has a separate dining and for sleeping. Ceiling fans, rockers, and television are great additions to this screened porch. Another requirement that you can add to your list is to have a sleeping porch having a fireplace. This idea is not only good for the summer season but can also warm you up during winter. Is this considerable?

To have a rustic feeling on the porch, a small chandelier can give a soft light to the area during the evening. The curtains, pillows, wickers, and candles, give an intimate and warm feeling to the porch. Invite your friends and play a round of chess or scrabble in the perfect afternoon and sip a delicious tea. A natural texture and white palette ambiance give the porch a French feeling suited for your games.

There are lots of possibilities that you can make for a rustic porch appearance like displaying a wood stand or perhaps a display of a bench, coffee table, and other kinds of additional seating to make it comfortable and a good place to relax with friends every Sunday afternoon.

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