Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty: The sofa is the hub of any living room. It’s a cuddle zone, chat room, cinema seat, day bed and even a trampoline when Mum’s not looking!

Sitting Pretty: So how do we make the right practical choice of sofa for our living room and our family?

Comfort This should always come first. What’s the point of a sofa that feels right in the room but wrong on your bottom? Reject any seat that doesn’t meet your highest comfort standards. A great sofa supports and relaxes simultaneously. It shouldn’t swallow you up or make you feel like you’re attending an interview.

Space Installing a bumper L-shaped seven-seater is not ideal if you’re forced to put everything else in your living room on eBay! Draw up a plan to include your existing furniture and then consider how anew sofa would best fit the space. Decide on maximum proportions that still allow generous access in and around the room. Don’t forget to take the measurements and a tape with you to the store.

Function Are you buying a love seat, a family crash pad or something for guests on special occasions? We all know that kids scratch and spill so choosing a durable surface may be top priority. It’s worth remembering that solid colour shows up marks much more than a pattern.

Style Leather or fabric? Contemporary, traditional or neo-classical? You’re the judge but bear in mind that what seemschicin store may look like a piece of modern art in your living room! Strong patterns and vibrant coloursmake a statement but can also overwhelm your spaceand clash with existing curtains or floor coverings. Your new sofa is something you’ll live with, look at and lounge on for many years to come. In making this important decision,why not consult the experts at CSL? CSL’s corner sofas and recliner sofas come in a wide choice of colours and textures to blend beautifully with your living room. Whether you needa cosy two-seater or a quality corner sofa, CSL’s range of over 30,000 styles means that your perfect sofa is waiting for you now. Before making your choice, why not get inspiredby our great videos at

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