Smart Guide to Hiring a Chartered Surveyor

Guide to Hiring a Chartered Surveyor

Smart Guide to Hiring a Chartered Surveyor

Do you need a survey on your property or perhaps value assessment? Then, it’s time to call a chartered surveyor! This person is somebody who assessed the physical condition and value of the home or any construction project and helps in the creation of the new development plan.

The chartered surveyor can advise you when to get planning permission, property renovation, and problems on environment. Usually, there are different types of chartered surveyors that belong to the same professional body called The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. When is the right time to need chartered surveyor? The services of the chartered surveyor can be important when you want the valuation for your existing or future projects and in home renovation. The surveyors can value machinery or buildings, and land. Each one has its own specialization of work. For instance, the rural surveyor value farm and assets, while building surveyor value apartment complexes and other buildings. Moreover, chartered surveyors provide assistance to individuals and companies in the designated design and completion of the construction project. These people usually suggest how to minimize the available land and help in the consultation with the planning authorities. Surveyors also assess in the existing condition of the site or building. They also produce reports for customers citing problems like environmental and structural and provide possible solutions and overall costs. What are the advantages of using a chartered surveyor? By hiring a chartered surveyor means that you're getting professional opinion in your expensive and important investment like home. They are property experts and have enough experience with local authorities. They are ready to give advice on the condition of your property, valuations, and how to negotiate with the local authorities. The expertise and the experience of chartered surveyors can make an accurate and thorough investigation as compared to anyone else. This means that you can get good advice from them on how to behave when considering value of a huge property nowadays. An expert surveyor can also have access to information and services in which you cannot discover like details on rights of way that affect the home. Where to find the right surveyor? A lot of surveyors advertise in the yellow pages, even though they can be also recommended by the builders and real estate agents. Then website of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor has a search function that allows you to look for the RICS-accredited surveyor in your locality.


What are the services that chartered surveyor offer? Choose chartered surveyor that specializes in your field of work. For instance, if you want farm survey, call for a rural surveyor and not a construction surveyor. Their professions are diversified and there are various categories in terms of chartered surveyors such as; •    Building surveyors Give advice on the design, new building construction, and repairs or restorations of existing buildings. •    Construction surveyors Administer and give advice on huge construction projects, like housing estates and office blocks. •    Environmental surveyors Resolve and monitor causes of buildings on the environment.  This sometimes includes advising somebody who is constructing on contaminated land. •    Rural surveyors Assess rural properties and assets such as farms and its machinery, and also give advice to landowners who want to deal with local authorities. What qualifications or accreditation to look for? All surveyors must have a degree or course which is accredited by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). RICS is considered as the largest qualified body of surveyors, and every surveyor must be a member in order to attain chartered status. Moreover, the surveyor you have chosen must have a minimum of 2 years experience before he should take the APC examination and become fully qualified.

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